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For many property owners, the holiday season begins long before December, with decorations going up days, or even weeks ahead of time. For others, time gets the better of them and before you know it, you are behind schedule. No matter the time of year, having someone install your festival lights is the best gift that you can give to yourself.

Even in the coldest months, there is something about those sparkling lights that boost the spirits, and are cause for fun and celebration – but installing them is another story. Instead of fumbling with string lights, or walking across slippery roof surfaces, have an expert handle your holiday light installation.

Holiday Lighting: Why Call the Pros

There are plenty of reasons that household chores get in the way of your regular schedule. More than spending an hour or two outdoors, proper light installation can take days without the right experience. An amateur approach can lead to breakage, the need to purchase expensive tools, or even injury. Instead of waiting for a worst-case scenario, call an expert for professional service, top results – and all the rewards, with none of the effort.

Boost Your Curb Appeal: Everyone wants to be the brightest house on the block. You might have the best interior home decor, but when you want to showcase the beauty of your home – and the season! – trust an expert with your outdoor lights. Whether it is Diwali, Christmas, Chinese New Year, Hanukkah, or even a spring festival, let our Gorillas help you light up the night!

Stay Safe: Lights at the ground level are nice, but it is the ones that are higher up that are the real showstoppers. Most Christmas light installation services mean wrapping chimneys, or lining gutters in sparkling lights. Whether you live in a bungalow, or a multi-story home, it is hard to maintain footing – and good luck balancing on a ladder! Members of the Gorilla team are outfitted with top of the line safety equipment, like tie-offs and harnesses, designed to keep technicians safe and your services painless.

Choose Your Lighting Design: Decor lighting is a chance to be creative, and the needs of the holidays are very different from one to another. Diwali lights are often much different than Chinese New Year lights, and both are very different than a Halloween decoration. Choosing an expert for your installation gives you the option to choose your lights, both in colour, design and pattern. In addition to traditional holiday lighting, our Gorillas offer custom cut options, designed to incorporate fairy lights for any space, along with flood lights, decorative spheres, and options for wreaths and garland, made with LED Christmas Lights.

Make Sure Your Lights Work: There is nothing worse than going through all of the effort of putting up lights, only to find that half your lights are burnt out, or that the bulbs are broken. Even when the bulbs are in good shape, it is easy to put a staple in the wrong space and short out a line. In order to ensure that your accent lights are fully functional, we highly recommend hiring an expert to make sure your lights are shining – and that they stay that way through the process!

Non-Permanent Outdoor Lights

Not everyone is keen to leave lights up throughout the year, no matter how tough they might be. This means twice the effort of having to put lights up, and take them down – but what if you could leave the heavy lifting to a professional instead? Non-permanent home and landscape lighting services can help to save you time and reduce the stress of adding anything else to your already busy schedule. Have a Gorilla perform your installation in the Fall and a takedown in January-February for a fresh start to Spring.

Better for the Environment: Choosing an LED light option means using less energy, without losing any of the brightness and vibrancy that you would expect. For those property owners that like to keep the lights on all night, LED options can help to save on utility bills.

Built for the Elements: Our Gorillas understand that your outdoor lights are up against a lot throughout the winter. Instead of choosing lesser lighting options, our experienced teams use lighting options that are waterproof, able to withstand extreme temperatures, and are able to last multiple seasons.

The Advantages of Permanent Holiday Lights
Part of what makes light installation so taxing is having to do it multiple times a year, once for putting them up, and once for taking them down. In both cases, you are stuck up on a roof, or ladder and, are struggling through cold weather. Permanent Christmas lights are a way to keep your feet on the ground, and comes along with a host of other advantages:

Saves Time & Money: Save time on the installation and maintenance costs of replacing numerous strings or bulbs – not to mention the time it takes to put them up or take them back down. If you are spending your evenings and weekends fussing with your lights, you are missing out on the things that you love: friends, family, hobbies, and all the things that the holidays are really about. Permanent lights are a one-time installation and not a yearly occurrence.

Discreet: it can be unsightly to have dangling bulbs in July. As beautiful as lights may be at night, seeing these strings during the day is not very appealing, and can give the wrong impression about how you care for your property, but you can beat this with a bit of help from a Gorilla. Professionally installed light strips are discreet, but useful. Fire them up at any time of year, for any occasion.

Going Gorilla For Your Light Installation

When you want your house to be the talk of the town (for the right reasons), call a Gorilla today. Our experts can provide decorative Diwali designs, captivating Christmas displays and haunting Halloween lighting, all for a competitive price. Our expert services are fully insured, so customers get peace of mind, as well as excellent results and great customer service, every step of the way. 

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