Every time you pass by a home or storefront, you are looking at an investment. Some buy properties to grow their business while others are looking for a place to call home but no matter the type or size – these structures need to be looked after. Nearly year-round sunshine sounds great in theory but it can put some serious strain on properties all across Nevada. The good news is that Gorilla Property Services are moving into the area. Strong paws and highly trained technicians are getting busy improving residential and commercial spaces with our Las Vegas property maintenance practices.

Well-Rounded Property Maintenance

Properties throughout the Vegas area come in all shapes and sizes. Certain of these might be designed for easy cleaning in some respects but there are always problem areas. These include roofing, windows on the second storey and upward, and graffiti. Instead of learning to live with a marked up home or workspace, let our Gorillas go to work.

Professional Cleanings: Even small bits of moisture can mean unwanted growth and organic stains. Harder, porous materials like concrete can be tackled with pressure washing services but aren’t right for stucco and siding. This is why our Gorillas offer soft washing services as well. This lighter touch helps to clean delicate areas without the threat of damage. Organics might mean algae, mildew, grime and mold but graffiti isn’t so nice to look at either. If street artists are plaguing your space, trust the experts to provide successful graffiti removal and prevention methods. While your walls are getting attention, it is good to consider window cleaning while you are at it. As dirt layers on top of windows, it weakens glass, meaning you will soon be dealing with breakage and replacements.

Preserving Roofing & Appliances: Buying a property as a whole is an expensive investment but so is maintaining its individual parts – especially roofs. Because they are difficult to reach, these areas are often ignored but this means trouble. Plant life in your area sheds organics which can mean moss growth, even in an arid climate. Clogged gutters mean unwanted moisture trapping and pest populations. These areas are tricky to maintain in multi-unit properties, along with certain other appliances. Clothes dryers in condos, apartment complexes, hotels and hospitals are always working and proper dryer vent cleaning can keep them in good condition.

With so much on the go, it can be tough to keep up but our Gorillas offer cost-effective solutions to your Las Vegas property maintenance needs. Each of our experts is properly trained, outfitted with the proper equipment and is fully insured while on the job.