Graffiti Prevention Programs

Do you often find yourself asking; how do I avoid getting hit with graffiti? How do I keep my property clean and welcoming so I can take pride in it year round? The answer is simple: give Gorilla Property Services a call and inquire about our Graffiti Prevention Programs.  Taking your specific situation into consideration, we can create a plan to fit your needs and budget.

Graffiti Prevention Programs

The Graffiti Prevention Programs offered by Gorilla Property Services are among our most popular and regularly requested services.  They could be of vital importance to you.  The Gorilla Graffiti Removal Team will patrol your property on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis.  It all depends on your wishes and wants. Any and all graffiti, posters or stickers are removed instantly and affected areas are photographed.  The pictures are made available for on-line viewing at your own convenience.

Investing in our “Gorilla Patrolling” services ultimately saves homeowners and property managers a whole heap of bananas. When we’ve got your back our Gorilla Technicians are constantly watching, ready to swing into action.  Our aim is to remove graffiti from any surface, at a moments notice.  In addition, we follow up every property visit by providing our clients with a detailed summary of removals.

Below is a basic run down of Gorilla Property Services’ Graffiti Prevention Programs:

  • Patrol of the property on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis.
  • Immediate removal of all graffiti, posters and stickers.
  • Provision of digital photographs and detailed billing.
  • Unlimited call outs in response to graffiti.
  • Preferred Customer rates for pressure washing services.
  • Free estimates for vandalism repairs including glass etching.
  • Prompt and courteous service each and every time.

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