There is something special about living in a historic town, and New Westminster is just that. Being one of the oldest communities in British Columbia means a unique mix of traditional and modern architecture. This is great for curb appeal, but it can make property management difficult. Luckily, you can rely on your friendly neighbourhood Gorillas to get the job done right. Whether it is scrubbing surfaces at the ground level or wiping windows at four storeys high, our specialists are always ready to swing into action. Experienced practices and expert results are only a phone call away. The Gorilla approach to New Westminster property services aims to not only clean your structures and spaces but to keep them in good condition over long periods.

Making the Most Out of Your Space

The real estate market in British Columbia can be fickle, so it is no wonder that property owners are always trying to keep up with curb appeal and increasing property values. Whether you are looking to sell or wanting to stay put, there is never a bad time to add value to your home or commercial workspace. In addition to adding value to your structures, a clean and well-kept property can add to your business as well! Dirt and buildup can leave walls looking grimy while vandalism like graffiti can alienate potential customers. Don’t let neglect make the first impression when our Gorillas can give you a clean slate.

Every day, owners and managers take property maintenance into their own hands. There are, of course, reasons to think this way but the reality is that DIY is never a good idea. Whether it is a way to cut costs on property management services or hoping to get quick results, but amateur methods do more harm than good. Even basic services require using power tools which are heavy and difficult to use. Machines like power washers might not seem like much more than a high-pressure hose but these can break windows, damage weakened materials and even cause bodily harm. Instead of taking on a risk, avoid injury and unnecessary damage by having a Gorilla handle your heavy lifting.

Any Property, Any Place

Living spaces, storefronts and multi-unit properties all require different care and techniques. Strata management, for example, can be complicated. Instead of cleaning one set of gutters, property owners are now responsible for handling dozens! Managing a single unattached home is trouble enough but larger or more complex properties require a custom treatment plan in order to get the best results possible.