Up until now, property owners and managers have been struggling to keep up with the demands of everyday maintenance but luckily, those days are over! Instead of leaving our friends and neighbours high and dry, there is a new crew of Gorillas in town! Our experts work tirelessly to rid homes and businesses of unwanted stains, all while keeping them in good, working order. Unwanted growth like moss and algae can sneak up over time, while large dumps of snow are impossible to ignore. Whether your space is in need of regular maintenance and care, or emergency services, Curtis and his team of Gorillas have got you covered.

Why Call A Gorilla

Every structure is made up of many moving parts. Having just one of these fail on you can mean a ripple effect across homes, storefronts and multi-unit properties. It is clear that upkeep is important but it can also be dangerous. Managing roofing or trying to axe algae growth can mean big bruises or even a trip to the hospital. This is where experienced roof cleaning and pressure washing services come in handy! In addition to health hazards, amateur techniques can lead to property damage, so why not call in the professionals? Simply hosing down walls or sweeping clutter away from a roof every once in a while, is not enough to keep properties in good standing.

Maintaining curb appeal is important to the value of your property but visuals aren’t everything. Regular visits from a Gorilla can keep windows sparkling and graffiti gone. DIY projects are just disasters waiting to happen, professional care can be customized to suit your living space. Our Gorilla experts have spent years in the field, tackling common problems and some rather unique ones. This means we are equipped to handle anything that your space can throw at us. Safety is the name of the game with our Gorillas. With top safety equipment and fully insured staff, your property is always in good hands. The Nanaimo area has an unpredictable climate but it also has an unpredictable night life. As much as owners or managers need to prepare for heavy rains and the occasional snow fall, they also need to be ready for graffiti. Vandalism can happen at any time, but the most common time for it is over night. Offensive designs or tags can create a negative impression around any business or structure. This is why emergency graffiti removal services are available all over Nanaimo. Don’t let paint sit or let snow accumulate when our Gorillas are ready and available to save the day.

The Perks of Local Nanaimo Property Service

Each member of the Gorilla team is local to your community, so we know all the problem areas. Instead of struggling to figure out the dynamics of your property and its surrounding areas, our specialists can get down to business! Efficient services are just one of the reasons that our phones ring off the hook, year round. Choosing local services also means not waiting for months to have your gutters cleaned! When you want the best results for your services and a dedicated team to get you there, there is no one better to call than Curtis and his team of experts.