The Niagara region is known for beautiful views and a damp atmosphere. While residents enjoy all of the things that these communities have to offer, properties are always at risk. Rot, invasive growth, vandalism and damage are all harsh realities for both homes and commercial properties. Luckily, our Gorillas are moving in!

Property care in the St. Catharines area has never been easier than with Patrick and his team of experts patrolling communities. Owners, managers and tenants are able to call on this experienced team to keep their exterior spaces looking great, no matter the time of year. From managing man-made stains like spills and graffiti, to seasonal discolouration, our Gorillas can handle it all.

When to Call For Professional Care

Keeping up with the needs of a property – any property – can feel like an impossible, uphill battle. Far from a quick scrub and spray here and there, exterior spaces require routine care to keep up their curb appeal and stay in good condition. Instead of struggling to keep up with demands of your outdoor space, trust a Gorilla for your scheduled care, emergency call-outs, touch-ups and annual maintenance.

Scheduled Care: Many property issues are not a one-time affair. Depending on the location of your space and the surrounding areas, owners might be dealing with reoccurring issues like graffiti vandalism or environmental set backs like high moisture rates leading to unwanted growth and staining. Creating a schedule with an expert can help to eliminate the threat of damage while keeping your space looking its best, year-round.

Emergency Call-Outs: It is impossible to predict the weather but our Gorillas are prepared for anything. Snow fall and ice formation are not only inconvenient, they can be dangerous. One call to a Gorilla gets your pathways clear and safe for passersby. Slippery surfaces tricky environments can be tackled at any time of year.

Touch-Ups: Home and property maintenance is an expensive endeavour but a bit of regular care can help to avoid costly repairs and replacements. Porous materials like concrete or glass degrade over time, but this time line is sped up drastically when they aren’t cleaned regularly. In addition to weakened materials, this can negatively impact curb appeal. Whether you are entertaining guests, preparing a property for sale, or just looking to update your space, professional care can make a world of difference.

The Gorilla Guarantee

One of the many advantages of choosing Gorilla Property Services for your maintenance needs is that each member of the team is fully insured from the moment they step out of their vehicles, to the minute they drive away. This provides clients with peace of mind that they are getting the best results from inspection to after care.

After years in the industry, our Gorilla crews are able to treat properties of any size with an eco-conscious outlook and impeccable results and customer service.