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Toronto residents are full of holiday spirit, and this really shows in the light displays. From businesses to homes, vibrant light displays are a great addition for any season. Decorating properties from the ground-up means creating dazzling light display at the ground level, as well as handling heights. Instead of struggling to achieve the perfect light display all on your own, call a Gorilla for your Toronto holiday light installation.

Hanging Halloween decorations or putting up a Christmas tree can be a great way to decorate interiors, but this doesn’t help with outdoor holiday house lighting. Taking a DIY approach to light installation can quickly go from inconvenient to downright dangerous. Professional installers are able to create ideal decor lighting displays, but they are also able to operate safely.

The Benefits of Expert Holiday Lighting Services

Every year, property owners dedicate hours of time and energy to installations Christmas lights around exterior areas. With an already busy schedule, it can be difficult to dedicate additional time on evenings and weekends, freezing fingers, only to end up with crooked lights or unsightly overhang.

Hiring a Gorilla to install lights eliminates the headache of struggling with humbled light strings, navigating ladders and roofing, and provides more time to enjoy the holidays with friends and family. In order to create the best experience possible, Gorilla Property Services works with clients to create their ideal light displays, choose products for the desired effect, install LED light strings and even remove them after the season.

Instead of dealing with basic light styles, our Gorillas offer a wide range of products, designed to light your home or business from floor to ceiling. Light strings can accentuate roof lines, while curtain lights can cover whole walls, creating beautiful backdrops. Edison bulbs are the perfect choice for patios, building beautiful accent lighting for any spring festival. Landscape lighting can emphasis existing decorations using flood lights, or add to decor with the addition of decorative spheres.

Every Gorilla light installation service includes an in-depth consultation, as well as working alongside clients, browsing a catalogue of options and colours to suit any style. Once you’ve chosen your style, purchase your products directly from a Gorilla and have them properly install your lights. Without the proper tools, lights can become damaged or there can be breakage to the construction materials or fixtures behind. Using a professional service means lights are measured and cut to fit the desired area, and are applied in a way that does not cause damage to the surrounding area.

Going Gorilla For Your Christmas Light Installation Service

Throughout Toronto, the holiday season never ends! With so many reasons to celebrate, there is never a bad time to call a Gorilla for professional installations. From Diwali lights to Chinese New Year lights, Christmas light installation and Halloween lighting, our Gorillas offer a wide range of product styles, and colour temperatures to accommodate any celebration. In order to beat the holiday rush, our experts highly recommend calling ahead to book your install. There is never a bad time to call a Gorilla to book your services. Each member of the Gorilla team is local to your area, so our technicians know exactly what your property needs to shine. In addition to light installation, our experts offer full-service care of homes and storefronts throughout the Toronto area. By bundling property services, like gutter cleaning or window cleaning, your property can look its best, all year long. Call today for your free estimate and watch our Gorillas swing into action.

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