It isn’t common to spot apes strolling through urban areas but that won’t stop our Gorillas. Our team of maintenance experts are busy servicing properties around the Surrey area. Highly trained technicians are able to keep homes and commercial spaces in good condition, from the ground up. Whether your exterior space needs a light touch or heavy hand, no one gets results like our Gorillas.

The Perks of Professional Care

More and more property owners and managers are tired of struggling with DIY care for their work and living spaces. Many household projects seem simple on the outside but are a lot tougher than they appear. Roof cleaning, for example, can be very dangerous without the right safety tools and training. When hiring a maintenance firm to handle these tricky chores for you, there is peace of mind in knowing that all services are done correctly and safely! Each and every one of our Gorilla specialists are local to your area, so you can expect top care and dedication in our work.

Services That We Offer

Gorilla Property Services offer up a variety of services throughout Surrey and the surrounding area that help keep properties looking their best. The trick to maintenance is keeping up with both looks and overall condition. Repairs and replacements of any kind are costly when it comes down to it. Replacing windows? Pricey. Replacing roofing? Expensive. Routine care? A cost-effective way to extend the lifespan of your materials.

Roof Care: Your roof is made up of more than just shingling and a few beams. From a street view, a cluttered roofing surface looks terrible, but there is more going on than meets the eye. Under layers of leaves and organic debris, moss begins to form. A damp and covered environment is the perfect place for moss to thrive, weaving itself over and under shingles and damaging construction materials underneath. Luckily, our Gorillas are ready and equipped to handle your roof cleaning and moss removal needs! Crowded gutters or eavestroughs are also a cause for concern. As gutters clog up, water sits against surfaces, softening decking and leading to damage.

Exterior Cleaning: Pressure washing and soft washing services are a way to leave structures sparkling without the painful act of scrubbing. Sure, you can take a brush and attack stubborn stains, but you won’t get the results that you want. Soft washing allows specialists to treat delicate areas like vinyl siding and stucco while pressure washing handles the tough stuff, like concrete. Windows, especially those on second storeys and above is difficult. Just reaching these panes is tough but a proper clean is even worse – until you call a Gorilla. Our experts use specialized tools to reach and scrub windows up to four storeys.

Seasonal Services: Property maintenance is a year-round endeavour but there are some things that you only have to worry about seasonally. Snow removal and salting services aren’t much use when it is warm outside. Our Gorillas tackle exterior spaces large and small. Dryer vent cleaning for commercial spaces are recommended with every season. Routine care for both of these maintenance needs keeps tenants and visitors safe.