The city of Edmonton is seeing a lot of traction in recent years. More and more people are calling this city home and an increase of property owners, means an increase in maintenance. The team at Gorilla property services has a responsibility to bring the best results to our local clients and neighbours, and there is no one better for the job than Mike. As you read this, Mike is leading a team of highly-trained Gorillas through communities around Edmonton, cleaning and beautifying surrounding homes and businesses.

If you are struggling with streaked windows, a stained deck or patio, or a splash of unwanted paint, just call Mike! The exterior of your home is what makes its first impression to the outside world. Having clouded windows or a stained deck, can deter foot traffic or just make your home a bit less comfortable. Luckily, Mike and his team can fix those problems with our Edmonton window cleaning, pressure washing or even graffiti removal services. In addition to providing a pretty picture, our Gorillas can make your property welcoming and comfortable with a wide range of services. The roof of your property, for example, can be a gateway to property damage but routine maintenance prevents that. Twice annual services for your Edmonton roof cleaning and moss removal and gutter cleaning can prevent water damage and leaks. Once moisture and rainfall begins to freeze, our Gorillas are available for your snow removal and salting services.