Property maintenance is a pain at any size, but it doesn’t have to be. More and more owners and managers are choosing to have a professionals care for their homes, businesses or strata properties. Taking care of a structure inside and out means a never-ending to-do list and it is common for certain tasks to get lost in the shuffle. Luckily, there is a new team of Gorillas in town. Scarborough residents do not have to take on property care all by themselves. Our highly trained and experienced Gorillas are able to treat everything from the ground floor, all the way to your roofing.

Professional Care Makes a Difference

Every year, property owners choose to take on difficult (and even dangerous) household chores by themselves. An amateur approach can not only mean subpar results but it can also mean health hazards and unnecessary risk. When it comes to property maintenance, risk not only refers to health hazards but to property damage as well. One wrong move can mean broken glass or downed gutters. Taking a chance on DIY care can lead to slips, falls, hospital visits and unnecessary costs associated with unnecessary repairs and damage.

Hiring a professional property maintenance firm gives clients access to top of the line equipment but it also provides a highly trained technician to put them to use. Items like pressure washers can be rented from any home improvement or hardware store but they often do not come with instructions. This is where industry knowledge comes in handy. Aiming a high-pressure spray at delicate materials like windows, shingles or stucco can blast away aged or weakened materials and can create a disastrous visual. The exterior areas of your property are what make the fist impression to the outside world. Instead of letting sitting graffiti, algae or roof clutter make the wrong impression, let one of our Gorillas help make the right one.

The Gorilla Guarantee

There are plenty of property maintenance firms out there, hoping to get your business. The difference between these competitors and our Gorillas is our on-going training, customer service and aftercare. Our team of experienced Gorillas have a great reputation all across North America. Instead of leaving clients out of the loop, our experts walk them through our process, providing real-time updates and before and after photos. These extra steps provide our friends and neighbours with peace of mind and the best results possible.