This is the part of the website where we get to tell you a little about us.

Gorilla Property Services was developed with the intent to fill a void.

There seemed to be a lot of companies like ours, but nobody had that extra little “Spark”. Some claimed to be the fastest pressure washers, some claimed to be the best at graffiti removal and a good chunk of them claimed to be the “cheapest” price in town. Our system is simple. When one of the “Monkey Trucks” (this is what most of the kids call our vehicles when they see them!) pulls up for service, the Gorilla technician will perform the highest level of service possible.

Our clients don’t have to worry or question the level of the technician’s ability, as each and every Gorilla Technician goes through the same rigorous training period and process before hopping into the Gorilla Mobile.

All of our technicians are uniformed, friendly, clean cut and eager to please.

As the owner of Gorilla Property Services, I personally have 20 years’ experience in the property maintenance industry. With experience comes knowledge. Knowing what products work and when to use them, knowing how to apply them in a fashion that suits the environment you are in, and many more “tricks of the trade” are features that must be earned through time with trial and error over the years. Not every technician makes the cut either. Hand picking our technicians from a pool of applicants is also an advantage Gorilla Property Services has over our competition.

I’ll give it to you straight-our people want to work here! It’s that simple. Our Gorilla Tech’s are provided a fun and clean atmosphere to work in, they are provided with the best training and equipment available, and they are part of a team-a strong team. I was once told something from the gentleman who trained me a long time ago and has stuck with me since day 1:

“If you don’t take care of your customers, someone else will”.

This is what we strive for. Complete Customer Satisfaction.

To be honest with you, we think the people that enjoy seeing us most are the kids. No joke! It’s almost as if our Gorilla Mobiles are in stiff competition with the local Ice Cream Truck. There is just something about the trucks pulling in with our Gorilla holding the Banana logo, on the side that gets kids pumped up.

Thank you for letting us tell you a bit about us, but it’s time for us to get back to work and check in on our Gorilla’s. They are out there in the field working hard at saving you banana’s!

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Each Gorilla Office is Independently Owned and Operated