Owning a property in Toronto is a big investment and no one helps you protect it like a Gorilla. The growing team at Gorilla property services is happy to boast the professional results and services of our Toronto partner, Stephen and his team of experts.

Whether you are dealing with a residential or commercial space, our Gorilla crew can help get the results you need for every level of your property. With proper safety equipment and top of the line tools and training, our Gorillas are ready for everything from your Toronto graffiti removal; window cleaning and gutter cleaning in Toronto; to Toronto snow removal and salting. With a wide range of property services at your disposal, our Gorillas get rid of natural and man-made stains, all while maintaining the structural integrity of your property. Keeping your home or commercial property looking its best impacts property values, foot traffic and business. Setting yourself up for success has never been easier than with the prompt and local services of our hardworking Gorillas.