Having property in the Calgary area is an investment, so it should be treated like one; an investment in your happiness, an investment in your comfort and an investment in your portfolio. In the same way that expert landscaping services can improve the first impression of your space, so do property services. Luckily, Ryan and his crew of experienced Gorillas are ready and able to swing into action, servicing homes and commercial properties across the Calgary area.

Professional Property Care: Who Benefits

No matter the time of year, there is always something that needs to be done around homes and commercial spaces. From scrubbing away dirt that has accumulated over winter or removing snow, seasonal chores are always on the go. Whether you are an owner or are in the maintenance field, it can be difficult to keep up with the demands of a structure, so trust the pros to help you out!

For Property Owners: It is easiest to delay maintenance services when it is your own property! There are certain tasks that might seem simple enough but whenever heights are added, things become a bit more complicated. Climbing up on a ladder is always dangerous but so is improper use of power tools. In the same way that you might not notice a bit of build up around your home, a rental property is an entirely different story. For those property owners with tenants, it is important to keep them happy in a clean and welcoming environment.

For Property Managers: Being a property manager means there are a lot of people relying on you to take care of a building and that means a constant stream of requests that are sure to keep you running. Instead of struggling to care for properties indoors and out, unload exterior property maintenance onto a Gorilla. Our team members are able to create a schedule for routine services, designed to make life easier for managers to keep their tenants happy. The same goes for commercial spaces. Don’t let dirt and buildup ruin a sales day, when you can keep spaces clean and passable with a bit of help from a Gorilla.

Gorilla Property Services: Full Service Care for All Property Types

Our team of highly trained Gorillas are committed to improving our communities, one property at a time. By offering year round services, our experts are able to help with spring cleaning and with snow removal services. In addition to great results, the Gorilla team offers excellent customer service, because we are your friends and neighbours.

Instead of focusing on a one-time treatment, Ryan and his team of Gorillas highly recommend building a schedule based on the unique needs of your property. Each member of the Gorilla team are fully insured and local to your area, providing peace of mind as well as great results. Call today for a free quote!