It isn’t common to spot a Gorilla roaming around the Hamilton area, but it is about to be! Property owners all across Ontario need a helping hand – or paw – to keep their homes, storefronts and multi-unit spaces running. Where there is demand, there is a Gorilla ready to fill it. Expertly trained technicians treat structures from the ground up, leaving them in the best possible condition both structurally and visually.

Homes and businesses require care all year long. Each season presents its own unique issues – but our Gorillas can handle them all! Natural staining comes in many sizes and styles. Everything from bird droppings, algae growth, moss and graffiti can leave structures in rough shape aesthetically but they can cause plenty of damage as well. Instead of waiting for outdoor mayhem, make maintenance a part of your routine. Services like pressure washing, soft washing, graffiti removal or roof cleaning and moss removal can increase curb appeal and contribute to an overall stronger structure.

Not all property problems are visible from the outside. Gutter cleaning and dryer vent cleaning are necessary to the smooth running of properties but often do not get the attention that they deserve. Clearer pictures are only one phone call away with experienced window cleaning available in your area. Keep your property opened and appealing to guests and visitors with a bit of help from local specialists. Gorillas keep your structures looking great and create accessible pathways – even in the dead of winter! Snow clearing and salting keep property owners on their feet without the physical strain of shovelling.

Each and every Gorilla technician is local to your area. Homeowners never have to question the dedication of their local maintenance specialists. For a cost effective way to keep your community looking its finest, look no further than in your own backyard.