Newmarket Ontario is full of historical properties and structures, scattered across nearly 40  kilometres. For property owners in the area, caring for a home or commercial space can feel like a full-time job. Instead of struggling to keep up with the needs of your structures, call a Gorilla for expert service and fantastic results from the ground floor, all the way to your roof.

In-depth care and maintenance services are able to help owners or property management companies in Newmarket boost their curb appeal, improve overall condition, prolong the lifespan of materials or, for real estate agents in the area, can even help to sell a house.

Property Care in Newmarket: Great Results For Any Property Type

For property management services, taking on a new task can feel overwhelming. Plenty of owners are quick to call in professional lawn maintenance and landscaping services to maintain curb appeal during summer, so why not call a Gorilla to manage your home?

Structures in the Newmarket area are built tough to withstand the elements but that does not mean that they don’t need a bit of help now and then. While all properties are subject to risks of exterior staining, roof moss and gutter clogs, there are certain risks that are more common to stores and personal property — but our Gorillas are here to help!

Residential Property Services in Newmarket: It can be tough to keep up with the daily needs of a home, never mind necessary seasonal chores. From managing roofing to removing snow, our Gorillas are ready to swing into action.

Commercial Property: Storefronts and businesses are often more at risk of graffiti tags than homes are. These properties often have a large surface area that acts as a canvas for street artists. Window cleaning is also an important part of maintaining an office or retail space. It is difficult to window shop through dirty glass. When you want to put your best foot forward, just call a Gorilla

By creating a treatment plan that is customizable to the unique needs of your space, our team of highly trained Gorillas are able to service homes and businesses all across the Newmarket area.

Going Gorilla For Your Property Maintenance

There are plenty of property service firms on the market, but none of them do it quite like our Gorillas. Our technicians are local to your area, so we understand what your structures are up against, and when. Fully insured technicians are able to provide excellent care and customer services for your property needs at any time of year.