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The holiday season should be a time for excitement, celebrations and family — so why let chores get in your way? When you want to boost your Christmas curb appeal, set the stage for the Chinese New Year or create a dazzling venue for live entertainment, just call a Gorilla! By calling our team of highly trained technicians, it has never been easier to get great results for your Newmarket holiday light installation.

It is easy enough to stop by a department store to grab a box of basic string lights, but these can be a headache! Hanging chords create poor visuals, detangling old decorations can be frustrating, and that does not even cover dangerous installation practices! When you want great results and a customized light design, just call a Gorilla!

The Advantages of Professionally Installed Lighting Designs

There are plenty of times throughout the year to celebrate. Whether you are celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, Diwali, or a personal milestone, an attractive house lighting display is always a good idea. As attractive as a light display might be, the installation process often gets in the way of the fun. Hiring professional Christmas light installation services, however, means getting great results, without any of the effort.

With any home improvement project, safety is key. No matter where you are hanging or installing your lights, it is important to be aware of the potential risk involved. Hanging lighting from roofing often means navigating slippery roofing or utilizing ladders, and landscape lighting means dealing with electrical issues, along with dampness and snow melt. For example, installation pathway lights might help to enhance your Halloween lighting design but leaving hardware in areas that are known for rain collection or snow melt can lead to damage and the potential for a nasty shock.

Gorilla technicians arrive to properties, fully equipped with all of the necessary tools and safety equipment to reach heights, hang lights and create customized designs, using commercial grade lighting options

Unique & Custom Holiday Light Services

If you want your home or workspace to stand out this holiday season, try creating a customized design. The right products and colours can help to showcase your unique personality, no matter the event or time of year. When you want twinkling lights for a spring festival, celebrate Diwali in style or prepare an outdoor patio for a lantern festival, an in-depth multi-step approach to design, installation and even removal can help!

A Christmas tree might signify the holiday season indoors but when you want great results for the outdoor areas of your home or commercial space, let our Gorillas set your structures apart — this winter, festival of lights will be your middle name!

Choose Your Lighting Options: Begin your lighting services by choosing the desired products for your space. This might mean string lights, curtain lights, fairy lights, decorative spheres and more. In order to create an easy, one-stop-shop for your lighting needs, you can purchase items directly from a Gorilla.

Book An Appointment: Once you’ve chosen your products, book an appointment. Our Gorilla technicians arrive with brightly coloured vehicles and uniforms, so you can always spot us coming. Each service begins with a proper inspection of the service area and the surrounding areas to ensure safe practices.

Optional Removal: Once your celebration has come to an end, it is time for lights to come down. Removing lights come along with the same risks as installing them, so it is always better to leave this to a Gorilla, as well.

When you want great results for your Diwali lights, Christmas decor, Chinese New Year lights, Hanukkah displays, spring festivals and more, call a Gorilla for a free, no obligation quote.

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