No matter the size of your property, homes and workspaces need regular upkeep to keep running. Day by day and season by season, the needs of your structures are always changing. Luckily, property owners and managers don’t have to run themselves ragged trying to keep up. There is a team of highly-trained Gorillas roaming communities around the Moncton area, helping to beautify properties and help keep up conditions. Professional Moncton property maintenance services mean fully insured technicians, excellent results and a care plan for your unique space.

Ditching DIY

It is not uncommon for a property management company to take routine maintenance into their own hands. It might be in an effort to be more hands-on or it might be an attempt to cut costs, but no matter the reason, this is a bad plan! Getting results at the ground level is tough enough but hitting heights is even worse. For example, taking on window cleaning or gutter cleaning means health and safety concerns, particularly around a strata property. Building maintenance is a daily concern, so it is easy to let a task slip through the cracks or to forget vital safety equipment. Luckily, our Gorillas have got basic and more complicated tasks down to a science!

The key to outdoor cleaning services is to create a system that works. Instead of trying to push a square peg through a round hole, our team of experts work with the space that you have. By organizing treatments, tools and a safe approach according to your property type, our specialists gets the best results possible.

Standing Out

During summer months, lawn care is a hot button issue but this means that everything else gets ignored. When you want to keep your property looking its best, scheduled maintenance might just be the key. Weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly property management services are an option for most services, while 24 hour emergency care is an option for others. Because our specialists work on residential, commercial and multi-unit spaces, no storefront or strata corporation is left behind.

In addition to getting high quality results, Gorilla Property Services protects our communities and our clients. Being fully insured for liability means that clients get peace of mind. From the moment that they hop out of the truck, to the moment they pack up again, our team members are covered for personal and property damage. Before and after photos are also provided so our clients can see just how far their space has come.