Owning a property is not always a walk in the park! It can be difficult to keep up with the demands of an unattached home, commercial property or multi-unit space. Luckily, the Gorilla network is expanding into the Brampton area. Our experts are swinging into action throughout communities, caring for structures and surrounding areas for a top to bottom clean.

Year Long Services

Each new season brings its own unique issues for property owners. From lawn and roof clutter in fall, to stains in spring and snow accumulation in the winter, there is nothing that our Gorilla crews can’t handle. The right type of Brampton property maintenance and care can extend the lifespan of your construction materials, boost curb appeal and create an inviting environment for guests, customers and residents.

Not all properties are created the same and that is very true in Brampton. With tons of unattached (or stand-alone) homes, condo complexes and apartment buildings, as well as storefronts, proper care has to be catered to your unique space. Experienced Gorilla crews are able to assess the conditions of properties, track and treat vulnerable spaces, all while getting the best results possible.

Choosing Local Care & Treatment

Locally owned and operated property care means expert results, guaranteed customer satisfaction and access to after-care and resources. Some services are offered as emergency call-outs or scheduled as a part of a regular care routine. From graffiti removal to snow removal services, industry professionals are able to provide cost-competitive services.

Many property owners are quick to call for landscaping maintenance services during summer but there is more to exterior care than lawn care or lawn cutting. It can be tough to think of looking up, but acknowledging window cleaning and gutter cleaning are key to a smooth running property. From top to bottom, no one treats properties better than a Gorilla. Contact us today to book an appointment or discuss the needs of your property.