If you are having a hard time maintaining the looks and overall condition of your property, Norm is here to help you out. Our family of Gorillas is always growing and luckily for the residents of Timmins, Ontario, Norm is leading the pack in your area. With a highly-trained crew of experts behind him, Norm is providing clients all over Timmins with expert results for their maintenance needs.

For nearly half of the year, property owners in Timmins are stuck dealing with snowy pathways and icy sidewalks. Speaking of a challenge, heights pose some of the biggest threats to property owners. Gaining access to your roof can be precarious, so why not let a Gorilla handle your Timmins roof cleaning and moss removal and your gutter cleaning, for you? Keeping a clean property requires service at every level, so whether it is high-up, like your window cleaning, or at ground-level with a snow removal and salting, we can help. In addition to ditching unwanted additions, our Gorillas can remove unwanted staining as well. Getting rid of graffiti can be easy with our Timmins graffiti removal, or, if natural staining is your issue, try our pressure washing on for size!