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Year after year, homeowners in Kelowna spend hours and hours creating holiday light displays. There is never a bad time to frame a celebration in dazzling lights, but it can be a lot of effort. With an already busy schedule, it is easy for a Christmas light display to be forgotten. Hiring an expert for your Kelowna holiday light installation means getting the display of your dreams, without any of the risk or effort.

Hanging outdoor lights is easy at the ground level, but displays should not stop there. Hitting heights around residential and commercial properties, is a dangerous endeavour. As soon as there are ladders involved, there is a chance of personal injury, like slips and falls. Taking on a house lighting project should not end with you in a cast! Hiring a professional eliminates the risk while getting the best possible outcome for your displays.

Light Installation Services: Great Results, No Matter the Occassion

The winter season should be full of hot chocolates and holiday cheer, not frost-bitten fingertips and dangerous trips up a ladder. In addition to home decorations, lights can help to create a festive visual for yourself, your guests, tenants, friends, family and customers. When you want the best results with none of the effort, our Gorillas can set you up for success.

Every season comes with its own celebrations, each of which has its own reason to decorate! Consider Diwali, festival of lights – it is right there in the name! LED Diwali lights should involve bright colours and show-stopping designs. Whether you are looking for warm white LED lights or bright red and gold Chinese New Year lights, our Gorillas can accommodate it all.

Fairy lights are great for a spring festival, while smaller accents can help to set the stage for extravagant Halloween lighting, but our services do not stop with basic decor. In addition to discreet decor LED string lights, our Gorillas offer mini lights, decorative spheres, curtain lights and festival lights.

For many property owners, having Christmas lights installed stops at traditional light designs, lining gutters or wrapping around porches, but our team of experts do more than that! With options for custom cut lights, our experts work to create illuminated garlands and wreaths, to add a bit of cheer to your seasonal displays. You take care of the interior design and leave the light displays to the professionals.

Gorilla Property Services: How We Light Up the Night

Our Gorillas want to help make your home or commercial property look its best for your next New Year celebration, Halloween Party, Diwali Celebration, Hanukkah Traditions, or even to celebrate a birthday or anniversary. At Gorilla, we believe that each one of our clients are unique, so your light displays should be the same!

In the same way that string lights can showcase your structures, flood lights can help to create attractive landscape lighting. Light the way and create an attractive light display, from the ground, up. Our Gorillas help you design the ideal display for your property. Instead of going from one business to another, Gorilla clients can purchase their lights directly from the source – us! Our experts simplify the lighting process by taking clients from design to installation.

Lights are expertly installed, ensuring that you are not dealing with broken bulbs or burnt out light strings. Lights are installed according to your custom designs. When the season is over, our technicians come back to take lights down, leaving your property looking as good as new. LED lights are discreet, so you never have to worry about clunky light strings ruining the silhouette of your space.

Each Gorilla arrives on-scene with top of the line safety equipment, and is fully insured to protect properties and our technicians. In addition to great results, Gorilla customers get peace of mind delivered right to your front door. Call today to book a consultation for your holiday light installation.

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