Throughout the year, properties in Abbotsford BC go through a lot. Heavy rains, snow fall, salt stains, high winds and even graffiti all leave their mark on exterior walls. If you are noticing grimy exteriors or moss-covered roofing, never fear the Gorillas are here! The Gorilla team has taken over the Abbotsford area leaving sparkling structures behind.

Thorough exterior cleaning and care keeps properties looking their best and keep tenants, guests and customers safe from slips and falls. Whether you are looking to ditch an unexpected paint job and need graffiti removal, or want a combination of soft washing and pressure washing before an open house, don’t settle for subpar results when our local Gorillas are right down the block.

The Gorilla Guarantee: Keeping Properties Safe

Our exterior cleaning crews are ready to swing into action cleaning, scrubbing and maintaining exteriors for homes, commercial spaces, and multi-unit living spaces. Property care is a complicated process, made up of many moving parts but it doesn’t have to be. By creating an exterior cleaning schedule for your structures, you don’t just keep them looking their best, you can help to catch any problem areas before they become disasters. For example, clogged gutters can lead to water damage around fascia or roofing but these damp, covered areas are the ideal home for pests.

Expert Property Services: Benefiting Residential & Commercial Spaces

Abbotsford is full of high traffic, multi-unit living spaces like apartments, condos or even assisted living centres. In these areas it is up to property management teams to keep surfaces clean, looking their best and safe for tenants and guests. Something as simple as a bit of algae growing on a cement walkway can make surfaces slippery and unsafe.

Book a single service or combine them for a clean slate around homes or storefronts. Gorilla services come with a guarantee of great results, top notch customer service, safe practices and the peace of mind that comes with fully insured staff and services.