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A single light bulb isn’t very exciting, but a dynamic light design is! All across Surrey, holiday lights are used to mark religious holidays, family celebrations, the mark of a New Year or even a  birthday. Just taking a walk around the block can showcase a variety of lighting designs on homes and storefronts. When you want to stand out from the crowd, just call Gorilla for your Surrey holiday light installation.

Our experts not only supply high quality lighting options, but they inspect, install and even remove them, too. Don’t bother digging out old boxes of Christmas lights, or Diwali decorations, when you can have a Gorilla arrive on-scene to upgrade your existing light displays.

Holiday Light Installation: The Gorilla Method

You would call an electrician to handle your interior lighting systems, so why not call a Gorilla for your outdoor decor lighting? Our team of highly trained technicians provide start to finish services, all the way from online estimates to removal following the holidays, and all it takes is a few simple clicks.

Instead of struggling with flimsy string lights, our Gorillas use LED Christmas lights that are designed to be durable and bright at night, and discreet during the day. It can be exciting to sit down and plan out your holiday light displays, but installing them is another story all together. Having to install lights means getting up on a ladder, usually on frozen ground, or walking across slippery surfaces with a staple gun or hammer. Even a single misstep can lead to serious injury or property damage. Ditch the risk and call a Gorilla!

Choosing Gorilla Property Services for your installation means being able to cut out the effort, streamlining your process and getting the best results, with none of the effort. Working with Gorillas means being able to work with an experienced technician to create your design, choosing the style of light and any lighting effects that go along with it. Once you have chosen your design, you can purchase your lights directly from our Gorillas.

Whether you are looking for Christmas light installation services, Diwali lights, Chinese New Year Lights or Halloween lighting, our experts are able to safely hang these from roof lines, along patios, across gazebos or inside hedges, trees and more. Top of the line safety equipment keeps our technicians safe, so you can kick back with a hot chocolate throughout fall and winter, or a lemonade in warmer weather.

Exterior House Lighting: Knowing Your Options

Even for those that love tradition, basic bulb string lights are a thing of the past. LED light options are brighter, last longer and are available in a variety of colours and style options. When using Gorilla Property Services, all of the light options are commercial grade and can be cut to accommodate a wide range of spaces. Everything from roof lines to custom garlands and wreaths can be designed with a bit of measuring.

Hiring a professional for your design means that you can go as small or large as you want. From mini-lights to curtain lights, nostalgic festival lights, or even floor lights and decorative spheres for landscape lighting, there are options for everyone! Why not greet guests with path lights or showcase the architectural features of your home with high voltage landscape lights? When it is time to take the Christmas tree down, change up your designs to accommodate the Lunar New Year or a spring festival. Each member of the Gorilla team is fully insured and ready to swing into action at a moment’s notice. Call today to book your free estimate.

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