Property Managers, Strata, Multi-Unit and Co-op Housing

Gorilla Property Services works exclusively with Property Managers, Strata, Multi Unit and Co Op Housing to ensure that every last detail on large projects have been completed to a tea.

Gorilla has a team dedicated to all types of exterior maintenance work within Strata’s, Multi Unit and Co Op Housing Sites, ranging from a onetime service call all the way up to regularly scheduled quarterly service call to ensure there are minimal deficiencies with the properties’ envelope. Our Gorilla team works side by side with Property Managers, Site Staff and the Council through “Progress Pictures” to ensure that all are included and know exactly where in the project our team is on a daily or weekly basis. With all of our projects with Strata’s, Multi Unit and Co Op Housing sites, we use before and after pictures throughout the project to keep everyone informed as to the quality of work our Gorilla’s enforce. This also allows our Gorilla’s to keep an eye out for any structural issues (ie: broken gutters, vents that may be clogged, areas requiring repair).

All of our technicians are equipped with Smartphones, allowing them to take a quick picture, labeling the problem and emailing it to our office immediately. This will be sent to the Property Manager and Council for their files.

Some of our regular services done on a “Spring and Fall” basis within Strata, Multi Unit and Co Op Housing sites would be Gutter Cleaning and Window Cleaning.

Both of these services are extremely important from a buildings maintenance point of view. Gutter Cleaning in a Strata, Multi Unit or Co Op Housing site is usually done around Spring (February to May) and around Fall (September-November), but can be done at any time of the year if need be. Keeping the gutters from being clogged and overflowing onto walkways and sidewalks is important from an aesthetic and safety standpoint. Gutters overflowing can cause areas below to become a source for algae and may become slippery when cold and wet.

Gorilla Property Services has perfected the gutter cleaning process, especially within a Strata, Multi Unit or Co Op Housing site.

Our Bucket Trucks can reach a working height of 37 feet, so working on anything up to 3 story unit is ideal.

Our Bucket Trucks have a vacuum system and pressure washing system built right into the bucket itself, so ALL of the areas, no matter what the height, are cleaning get a true QUALITY CLEAN!

Because we own all of our Bucket Trucks, Strata’s, Multi Unit and Co Op Housing clients will enjoy the money they will save not having to rent lifts, booms etc.

Our Gorilla Technicians clean the windows by hand and squeegee and/or by water fed pole with a scrub applicator attached. Our specialized Window Crew can reach up to 7 stories from the ground with our Water Fed Poles and even higher in some cases if used in conjunction with our Bucket Trucks. Making sure that all Accessible or Inaccessible windows are cleaned to a streak free, mirror like shine.

Full siding washes using eco-friendly degreasers and sanitizers applied by pole and scrub rinsed clear using our water fed pole systems gives the buildings that clean, crisp look like it was new. Cleaning the outside of the gutter faces with our special “Gorilla Goop” rids the water marks and leaving a clear gel like look, making the building POP!

Parkade Cleaning is another important maintenance item not to be overlooked.

Making sure that the proper decreasing technique is being used and ensuring that the sewer drainage system have Solvent Guards installed (our Gorilla’s install these prior to any cleaning job to ensure that any oils, solvents or grease etc are caught in the filter and NOT going down the sewer).

One of the advantages of working with Gorilla Property Services is that there are never any issues with something that may have not been done or missed because there is always a constant line of communication between our office and the Property Manager, Strata, Multi Unit or Co Op Housing Council Member. We have been told that: “Gorilla is making a difference in the Property Services Industry” and we continue to make a positive impact on our clientele.

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