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Abbotsford knows how to celebrate! In a multi-cultural area like Abbotsford, there is always a reason to decorate and homeowners in the area know how to do it right. When you want to create an appealing landscape for the holidays, it all starts with your outdoor lights! High quality lights create visual displays that showcase homes and storefronts, adding to the holiday cheer.

Whether you are in the market for Christmas lights, Diwali lights or attractive displays for the Lunar New Year, all it takes is one call to your local Gorillas. Booking professional Abbotsford holiday light installation services means beautiful light displays, high quality materials and top safety equipment.

Should I Have My Holiday Lights Professionally Installed? Get to Know the Benefits

As soon as September comes around department stores will start to display all sorts of lights and decorations for the upcoming holidays. This might be Halloween lighting, inflatables or standees and it won’t take long for Christmas decor to start hitting the shelves. It is easy to get your hands on basic string lights but the problem is that these are all the same! If you are sick of your home just blending in on your block, a unique design can help it stand out.

If you are already fully stocked on string lights, you might find yourself digging through boxes of decorations and then having to spend hours detangling and testing them. There is nothing worse than spending all day installing lights only to flip the switch to see that they are burnt out or don’t turn on at all.

As beautiful as holiday displays might be, installing lights can be complicated and dangerous. Attaching light strings to fascia, for example, means climbing up on ladders or navigating slippery surfaces, which can quickly result in slips and falls. Don’t take a risk when our local Gorillas are ready to swing into action!

Holiday House Lighting: Let Gorilla Design & Install Your Custom Light Displays

If you want a beautiful light display but don’t know where to start, our Gorillas have got you covered! Instead of struggling to choose the right products for your home or commercial space, our experienced Gorillas help to choose the right design, materials and even schedule to build brilliant and eye-catching displays.

Step 1: Work With Our Gorillas to Create Your Ideal Lighting Design

Step 2: Choose Your Products and Purchase Them Directly From Us

Step 3: Book Your Installation

Step 4: Enjoy!

Gorilla Property Services offers a wide range of products ranging from traditional LED Christmas lights, full curtain lights for Diwali, landscape lighting to highlight the release of paper lanterns during the Chinese New Year and more.

If one style of light isn’t enough for you, mix and match products ranging from festival lights (Edison Bulbs), wreaths, garlands, rope lights, mini lights and decorative spheres. These lighting options are durable, reliable, designed to last and are energy conscious. Once the holiday season has ended, you can contact your local Gorilla again for our optional removal service.

Why Go Gorilla For Your Holiday Light Installation in Abbotsford?

Don’t let your Christmas tree be your only decorations when our local Gorilla technicians are only a phone call away. Booking professional light installations means durable and beautiful designs but it also means quality installations. You won’t have to worry about bowing rope lights or dangling wires.

Each member of the Gorilla team is highly trained in safe installation practices, as well as experienced in what type of outdoor light is best suited for the job . Whether you are in the market for Christmas light installation, Chinese New Year lights, Hanukkah designs, Diwali designs or Halloween setups, there is nothing that our Gorillas can’t handle!

Professional light installation doesn’t just apply to one time of year but can be used for any type of celebration. For businesses that often host weddings or events, or backyard celebrations, there is never a bad time to book a light installation in Abbotsford. Call today for your free quote and let us help to make your next celebration a hit!

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