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Homes in Burlington have character, so why not show it off? During summer, you can plant a thriving garden or decorate with ornaments, but as cold weather and the holidays roll around, nothing beats a light show! For some, the holiday season may revolve around Christmas lights, while others count down for the Lunar New Year or even a Halloween party. Whatever your cause for celebration, our Gorillas can help with professional Burlington holiday light installation.

Expert house lighting can add a lot to your property, but great displays do not just happen. A row of string lights might not seem very scary on their own, but these can give you a huge headache. From digging them out of a box, to untangling them and getting up on a ladder to secure them to roof lines. Whenever heights are involved, a task goes from an inconvenience to dangerous – so call a Pro! In addition to providing excellent products, our team of technicians provide peace of mind through safe processes and fully insured services.

Hanging Holiday Lights in Burlington: How Our Gorillas Work

When it comes to outdoor lighting and holiday decor, it can take ages to find the perfect items to accent your home or commercial space. You might have to combine outdated styles and designs, with newer, trendy items, just to maintain a colour palette, but this isn’t the case when you choose Gorilla.

Calling a Gorilla means having the ability to design your ideal light display, with help from an expert. We take a difficult chore, and make it simple! Book an online estimate, choose your ideal design and function, and then book an appointment to have it installed. When the season is over, call a Gorilla to take them back down. Repeat for every holiday season going forward. What could be more simple?

Every property owner knows the strain of installing lights, only to find that they are broken or mis-measured. This can result in ugly overhangs, drooping strings or having multiple electrical chords hanging at strange angles. Having an expert create custom light displays eliminates this issue, giving you the best possible outcome, no matter the style of size of your space.

Holiday Light Installation: Design Your Own Lighting Display

Traditional bulbs are delicate, fragile and easily broken – particularly when it comes to storage. Our LED light options are commercial grade, and made to last. LED Christmas lights can be stored easily, but they are also designed to withstand freezing temperatures, and stay bright, even through rain and snow storms.

In addition to strip lights, our Gorillas offer a variety of options – over a hundred, in fact! – for styles, colours and more. With all of these options, there is no shortage of dynamic designs for your Diwali lights, Chinese New Year lights, Halloween lighting, a lantern festival, spring festival and more. When you are looking for the perfect Halloween decoration, pumpkin shaped lights are not your only option! Sure, Halloween string lights are cute, but they aren’t always functional, and this is one of those times that landscape lighting might just be a solution.

From the ground-up, our Gorilla experts can help with Christmas light installation service and any other festive displays! When you are tired of warm white and are looking for more dynamic colours to accommodate your red lanterns during a festival, or just an anniversary, our Gorillas have got you covered. Our experts highly recommend bundling your light installation with other necessary services for the season. Combining gutter and window cleaning with holiday light hanging is a great way to keep your property in great shape, all year long.

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