Property owners in Saskatchewan understand just how difficult it can be to keep homes and businesses looking their best. From salt stains and snow accumulation, to dirt, grime and even graffiti, regular care is a full time job. This might sound overwhelming but don’t worry because you’ve got a Gorilla in your corner!

Going Gorilla

Our Gorillas are migrating to the prairies! Highly-trained specialists are moving into the Saskatoon area and we are on a mission: to beautify spaces and keep structures in great shape. Even a bit of neglect can make a lasting mark on outdoor spaces, so let us help turn your property maintenance into a lasting routine.

Tools: “A craftsman is only as good as their tools”. There isn’t much point in trying to cut through a board with a rusty saw and the same principal applies to exterior care. Plenty of property owners try to tackle basic tasks like window cleaning every year, only to end up wth subpar results or – at the worst case – broken materials. The right tools can not only make your life easier but they can get better results. From extendable poles to pressure washers and plows, our team has got all the right equipment to make your service a breeze.

Technique: It is easy to assume that property services are cut and dried but the industry has come a long way. Instead of relying on traditional methods, our Gorillas are always incorporating new tricks, techniques and training practices, to get the best results for our clients.

Peace of Mind: Each member of the Gorilla team is fully insured and local to your area. Instead of being just another number on a call-sheet, Gorilla clients get the top care and customer service that you would expect from a friend or family member. Instead of just packing up for the day, our experts show off ‘before and after’ photos and provide any after-care that our clients might need.

When you are looking to spruce up your home, commercial property or multi-unit space, Darrel and his team of Gorillas are prepped and ready in inspect, assess, treat and protect your space.