When your Ottawa property is in need of a little TLC, there is no one better to call than our very own dynamic duo of Jim and Mary Lynn. This technically-trained twosome is ready to service residential and commercial properties all over the Ottawa area.

Your Ottawa Gorillas are experts in operating safely and professionally at every level of your property. Those height-restricting chores like eavestrough or gutter cleaning, along with Ottawa roof cleaning and moss removal can be tough to handle on your own. If you do not have  the time or muscle for these tasks, our Gorillas can handle them for you! While tackling heights might improve structural integrity and snow removal and salting might make your space passable, aesthetics are important as well! If your property has been hit with an unwanted paint job, our Ottawa graffiti removal can restore your home to its former glory. For issues from natural staining to clutter against windows, Jim and Mary Lynn are ready to answer the call with our pressure washing and window cleaning services. You can rest assured that you will always get the best results when you choose a Gorilla for your home or commercial property maintenance.