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A home is a place that is uniquely yours. It is a place to celebrate and to express yourself and nothing does that better than holiday lights. Kamloops is home to a diverse population so the holiday season never ends! There is always a reason to celebrate and our local Gorillas want to help you create lasting memories through dazzling light shows that suit your personality, property type and occasion. Our team of lighting experts create customizable lighting designs made with high quality products and installed safely. If you want to make a statement this season, call a local expert for your Kamloops holiday light installation.

As soon as November hits, property owners in Kamloops are thinking about hanging Christmas lights. The trouble is that, at this point, you are already dealing with ice, snowfall and slippery surfaces. Hanging outdoor lights from higher spaces means navigating dangerous surfaces and using tools like ladders to handle these heights. Whether you are looking to install house lighting on upper areas of your home or storefront, or are more focused on landscape lighting design, our team of highly trained Gorillas are here to help!

The Benefits of Expert Lighting Services

It is easy enough to install accent lights indoors but as soon as you step out your front door, it becomes more complicated. Anyone can run out to a department store to pick up the standard icicle lights or multi-coloured string lights but when you want your house to stand out, customize designed are the best possible option. In addition to completely unique designs, our Gorillas offer high quality LED lights that are bright, attractive, durable, long lasting and energy efficient, creating a memorable backdrop for any occasion.

Wide Range of Lighting Options: Diwali is known as the festival of light so one type of bulb just won’t do! In addition to LED strings, Gorillas offer curtain lights designed to drape homes in beautifully coloured twinkling lights. Large-scale light displays provide the perfect backdrop for Chinese New Year celebrations and lantern releases. In addition to offering sky-high displays, our Gorillas can extend your lighting system to the ground level as well. Path lights can help customers find their way, or guide guests to a backyard party. Sphere lights are an excellent way to highlight outdoor celebrations showcasing halloween decorations and outdoor decor.

Light Up Your Decor: Christmas tree lights are common practice but there is plenty more to do with this holiday. Our Gorillas create custom wreaths, garlands and decorative additions that can be used outside or indoors. Homes in Kamloops have character and in some cases are decorative all on their own. Strategically placed architectural lighting can help to show off even the smallest details that give your house personality.

Don’t Get Tangled Up: There is nothing worse than spending hours untangling and prepping light strings only to plug them in and find out that they are broken or burnt out. Instead of struggling to sift through boxes of holiday lights, Gorilla clients can order products directly from our technicians, have lights cut to meet the exact dimensions of your property and then have them expert installed.

The Gorilla Guarantee: Getting to Know the Process

Local Gorilla technicians understand what home and business owners across Kamloops are looking for. With a simple ordering and booking process, combined with top safety practices and equipment, along with the highest quality products, hiring an expert for your light installation has never been easier. All you have to do is: contact a Gorilla, choose your products and have an expert install them. In addition to calling our experts for your Diwali lights, Chinese New Year lights, Halloween lighting, Hanukkah displays, or Christmas lights installation, Gorillas can help to set the stage for an anniversary party, birthday, or even a backyard wedding.

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