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The Greater Vancouver Area is home to people from all corners of the Earth, and that means an ongoing schedule of holidays, festivals and celebrations. Throughout the holiday season, it is common enough to decorate the interiors of homes and storefronts, but what about the outside? Professional Vancouver holiday light installation services help your property stand out form the crowd with dynamic displays.

There is never a bad time for an attractive light display. It might be the height of the Lunar New Year, or the days leading up to Hanukkah, or it might just be a benchmark birthday or anniversary, but if there is cause for celebration, our Gorillas can help! Far from arriving on-scene to throw up a few rows of string lights, our experts work with property owners from the design process, through to installation and even removal following the season.

Celebrate the Season: House Lighting Designed to Draw a Crowd

You might be accustomed to browsing winter lights in public spaces like Stanley Park or Vandusen Botanical Garden, but what if you can have attractive light displays at home? A great Christmas light display not only showcases your creativity, but it can also boost your curb appeal and help to spread a bit of holiday joy throughout your neighbourhood. This all sounds great on paper, but putting them together on your own is difficult.

One of the major issues associated with Christmas light installation and other decor lighting, are reaching the necessary heights and operating the necessary tools to get great results. Balancing a ladder on frozen ground is difficult, and can lead to unsteady tools. Handling a staple gun seems simple but one wrong move can mean damaging wires and rendering whole strings useless.

Hiring a professional for your outdoor lighting needs means having the ability to choose your light styles, colour palette, with hundreds of options. Instead of leaving clients with a simple “one size fits all” approach, our Gorillas offer commercial grade lights, cut to fit areas exactly, with no unsightly overhangs or dangling chords.

With so many options, your lighting system can be made to fit the personality of your unique space and the theme of the holiday. Mini lights suit wreaths and garlands, flood lights can accentuate your Halloween decor and curtain lights can be an ideal backdrop for a lion dance. When you want great results, done safely, call a Gorilla to get the job done right.

Go Gorilla This Holiday Season: Professional Christmas Light Installation

This holiday, don’t waste time digging out boxes of decorations and lights, only to find your strings are broken or bulbs are burnt out or broken. From preparation to installation, decorating takes a lot of time and energy, but our Gorillas have found a way to speed this process up, without sacrificing results.

Hiring Gorilla Property Services means working with a technician to create your unique lighting design, choose the style (or styles) of lights that best suit your needs, and you can purchase your lights, right from us! From here, we can schedule an appointment to install your lights. When the season is over, or your event is finished, just call a Gorilla and we will swing into action for expert removal.

Decor lighting does not stop at roof lines, pillars and hedges. Landscape lighting is a great way to light a pathway, or showcase some architectural features or decorations around our home or workspace. Bring out the fun of the holidays by creating bright nights with Diwali lights, Chinese New Year lights, Halloween lighting, Spring festival decorations and more.

In addition to years of experience in the industry, our Gorilla technicians are highly trained and fully insured. This means clients can rest easy knowing that they are getting excellent results, as well as peace of mind. The Gorilla Guarantee ensures that your lighting systems will be in good working order. Call today for your free estimate.

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