Throughout Victoria, property care is an important part of everyday life. From heavy rains, changing seasons and daily wear and tear, there is always something to do — but our Gorillas are here to help! Over the course of the year, homes and commercial spaces are up against the elements and other unexpected factors and that is what makes regular Victoria property services so important.

Whether you are looking after a single family home or are responsible for a high traffic commercial space or multi-unit housing complex, the right technique is crucial to getting the right result. Instead of taking a chance on a DIY approach, call our highly trained and experienced maintenance technicians for the best possible results and excellent customer service.

The Perks of Hiring Expert Property Maintenance

When performed properly, exterior property cleaning can help to boost curb appeal, keep systems in good working order, prevent damage and can even prolong the lifespan of materials. Homes and storefronts are not made up of one solid structure, but have a series of moving parts, all working to keep them in good condition. Creating a safe and accessible space for residents, tenants, guests and customers means building schedules for preventative maintenance, as well as having a plan for reactive maintenance.

Every year, property owners attempt to maintain structures and surrounding areas on their own, only to end up with subpar results, unpleasant outcomes or unexpected damage. Power washing, for example, can lead to broken materials and water damage. Aiming high pressure sprays at stucco can leave bald patched behind, while vinyl siding can crack, allowing water to seep inside. This means an amateur approach can result in rot, breakage and expensive repair bills.

In the same way that power washing can impact materials, not keeping gutters clean can lead to breakage, damaged fixtures and even pest infestations. If you don’t want to get stuck with damaged downspouts or high pest control bills, make a reputable property maintenance service a part of your routine.

The Gorilla Guarantee: The Best Way to Maintain Properties

Across Victoria, maintenance requests are not just for single family homes. Every day our Gorillas receive calls for graffiti on storefronts, the need for snow removal in public or common areas, or window cleaning services for multi-unit developments. In order to keep up with the demand throughout our communities, Gorilla technicians have created in-depth treatment plans that cater to the unique needs of your space so you can expect the best results with every service.

Expert care can benefit property owners, as well as real estate professionals looking to stage a home, businesses trying to attract new customers or a property manager caring for multiple properties, there is never a bad time to call a Gorilla! Highly trained and experienced Gorilla technicians are ready to clean and maintain properties throughout Victoria and surrounding areas.