The capital of Alberta is home to tons of homes and businesses of all shapes and sizes. Try as you might, keeping up with the exterior areas of structures can be tough. Dirt, stains, discolouration and even graffiti will drag down curb appeal and will have a negative impact on overall condition. Luckily, there are Gorillas nearby! Keep your structures looking their best and create a safe space for tenants, guests, family and friends, by calling Gorilla for your Edmonton property services.

For homeowners and property managers throughout Edmonton, first impressions are everything. A boost in curb appeal not only makes your property more visually appealing, it can help to keep it in great shape, avoiding the need for expensive repairs or premature replacements. Proper property care can extend the lifespan of construction materials, add value to properties and even help to bring foot traffic into your business.

Outdoor Cleaning Services: Sparkling Clean Exteriors Throughout the Edmonton Area

Over the course of the year, structures go through a lot. The elements and shifts in weather patterns can take a serious toll on walls, concrete, roofing, patios, fences and more. Unlike treating an indoor stain, you can’t tackle outdoor issues with a bit of bleach and a scrub brush. In fact, using the wrong tool, technique or cleanser can end up doing more harm than good. Leave the heavy lifting up the experts and get the best results from a local Gorilla.

The main goal of a property management company is to keep residents and their guests safe and happy and this means both inside and out. Buildups of dirt and algae can make surfaces slippery to walk on and a heavy snowfall makes walkways impassable. If you are in the market for thorough property care that lasts, book Gorillas for everything from snow removal, gutter cleaning, pressure washing and so much more.

Our Gorilla crews are local to Edmonton and the surrounding area, so you can always expect fast response times and excellent customer service. As if that were enough, our technicians are proud to offer affordable rates, along with fully insured staff and services, so you can kick back and relax. Whether you are looking for expert exterior cleanings of single family homes, or as part of commercial property management services, our Gorillas have got you covered. Call today to book your next service and have your home or storefront looking better than ever.