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How safe are your products to use?

ALL of our Gorilla Graffiti removal products are 100% ECO FRIENDLY, biodegradable, non-toxic and virtually odourless. The Gorilla Property Services are committed to a safe and chemical free work environment!

I have an entire wall that has been defaced. Is this going to be expensive?

Although costs from job to job can range in price due to the sheer volume of graffiti, we will always conduct a free, no obligation quote before starting any work. After you have approved the quotation, the Gorillas will begin the project.

We had another company come in before and now all our clear plexi-glass is no longer clear. Why?

The simple answer is that not all substrates are created equal. Basically, the integrity of the plastic itself has been damaged by the use of the wrong cleaning agents. The Gorilla Property Services utilize trained technicians with a vast knowledge of substrates and the best methods to garner the best results.

Does your company offer any sort of monthly program?

Absolutely. We do offer monthly programs that can be shaped to your needed schedule. Some of our clients vary from once a week property patrols to monthly patrols. During these patrols, if one of our Gorilla Property Services.

Do I have to have the entire house/property cleaned or can you do one service at a time?

Of Course You Can! Our Gorilla Technicians will give you a free, non-obligated quote on all of our services available that pertain to your property. Feel free to pick and choose whichever services you like, or keep the quote card and do them as budget allows, it’s up to you!

Our fence backs onto a main road, which gets hit with graffiti regularly, how do you tackle that?

If your fence is painted, it usually is a lot easier to “cover up” the area with a quick coat (make sure to prime), than to remove the graffiti. Realistically, almost half of graffiti removal calls require cover up instead of full removal. Our Gorilla Technicians will take a sample and colour match the paint for cover. We keep it on file for any future call outs.

How do you clean the gutters? I just don’t want the gunk all over my lawn……

Understood. Neither do we. Our Gorilla Technicians remove the buildup and gunk by hand or our commercial back pack vacuums. We want them clean and gunk free, and this is hands down the best way to get those results.

Am I locked into a contract? How does your Prevention Programs work?

Not at all. We do have a Service Agreement we require for clerical purposes only. This gives us the site info, billing details, details of service etc. If you would like to stop service at any time, for any reason, just give us a 30 day heads up!

Are you guys insured?

Yes. Yes. Yes. Gorilla Property Services holds a $5 Million CGL policy. No matter how big or how small the job, our Gorillas are covered!

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