Purchasing property in the Niagara region is an investment but it is also a commitment. Proper building maintenance takes time, energy, tools and know-how, which not everyone has. Instead of letting residential and commercial properties in your area fall to pieces, let our Gorillas keep your space in great shape. Our team of highly-trained Gorillas have all the tips, tricks and treatments to make your Niagara Falls property maintenance a breeze.

Working With the Elements

Niagara Falls is known for a lot of things and moisture is one. Whether it is at the falls, falling from the sky or sitting in the air, a damp climate is bad for structures in your area. Heavy rain and wind dislodge debris from trees, encourage mud around homes while dampness means invasive growth. Moss, algae, mold, mildew and rot are all dangerous to construction materials. From the ground level, up to your roofing, property management is tough! Don’t let weather get the best of you when you can call a Gorilla instead.

Cleaning services don’t stop indoors. When it comes to roofing and gutters, cleaning often falls by the wayside. Skipping out on chores like these can mean leaks, flooding and water damage. Instead of struggling to get the job done right, more and more property owners are opting for professional care. Gorillas offer up full service care for homes, commercial properties and strata spaces. When you need a hand with your property maintenance services, there is no one better to call than one of our Gorillas!

The Gorilla Guarantee

Some tasks are more difficult to tackle than others. Improper pressure washing or window cleaning can result in breakage, which means costly repairs. Broken glass or high pressure sprays can break skin and cause bodily harm. This is why each member of the Gorilla team is fully outfitted and trained with top-notch safety practices.

After years in the industry, our experts know how to handle anything and everything that nature can throw at us. Instead of simply pointing and shooting hoses or vacuums at problem areas, our experts break your property care into a multi-step process. By tackling your services bit by bit, Gorillas are able to up our success rate, while lessening the risk of unnecessary damage.

Offering Up Peace of Mind

Client satisfaction is the goal of every Gorilla. It can be difficult for homeowners to tell if they are happy with their results – particularly if services involve heights. The good news is that our experts won’t ever leave you out of the loop. ‘Before and After’ photos are used to show off our results. In addition to being careful, each member of the Gorilla team is fully insured for personal and property damage.

Maintenance services are available as a regularly scheduled practice or for emergency call outs. For example, winter in Ontario can be a nightmare. Being buried in snow is a pain but you can always call a Gorilla instead. Looking to sell your home? A combination of power washing, roof and window cleaning can have your space sparkling clean. No matter the size of your space, a free quote is only a phone call away!