All across Canada, each region has its own quirks and problem areas. For most cities in Alberta, this is the weather and the plant life. Property owners in Fort McMurray are committed to keeping their homes and commercial spaces clean and welcoming, but it can be tough. No one knows how inconvenient a storm, rainy season or even unwanted paint job can be, better than Roger. By partnering with Gorilla Property Services, Roger and his team of Gorillas are taking care of their communities one property at a time.

Alberta residents are no strangers to snow fall, but dealing with it can be a mess. Our Gorillas can clear away slippery surfaces and heavy snowfall with our Fort McMurray snow removal and salting services. In the same way that our Gorillas clear your driveways and sidewalks, we can clear your roof as well! Our Fort McMurray roof cleaning and moss removal and gutter cleaning work in tandem to keep your roof secure and looking great. First impressions are key to a thriving business and stained surfaces and graffiti do not do you any favours. Graffiti is not only unwanted but can be offensive, and that is why time of the essence. Roger and his band of Gorillas strive for same-day service for your Fort McMurray graffiti removal. Brighter views are only a phone call way with our window cleaning and pressure washing, so why not call in a pros to handle your property?