Owning property is a great investment but it requires a lot of work, and that can be hard to keep up with. Every home or commercial property requires a top to bottom clean in order to look its best. From roof clutter and clogged gutters to graffiti removal and window cleaning, each chore needs to be done on a regular schedule – which doesn’t always fit yours! If keeping up with the needs of your property is getting tough, call a Gorilla today!

From single homes to commercial spaces or investment properties, there is nothing that our highly trained Pickering property services team can’t handle. Make the most out of your real estate portfolio by having a Gorilla help to keep it clean. A clean exterior can help to boost curb appeal, encourage new tenants for property management companies and help to encourage foot traffic for businesses.

How Routine Services Benefit Your Space

Regular property care not only improves the visual appeal of your space, it contributes to overall condition as a whole. Day to day wear and tear leave a mark on exterior spaces, sometimes in small doses and other times all at once.

Keeping Spaces Safe: The great outdoors is full of potential health risks but you shouldn’t have to worry about that at home. Algae growth is always a problem but it is worse when it begins to take over driveways and sidewalks. Slippery surfaces can lead to slips, trips and falls, resulting in serious injury. The same goes for winter months when ice begins to form. Regular salting helps to create traction in colder months while pressure washing helps to get rid of stains and unwanted growth in Spring and Summer.

Keep Utility Bills Down: Regular property management services might help to keep things running smoothly around rental properties, but when you are concerned with cutting costs, our Gorillas can help. Clean windows can help to regulate heating and reduce the need for artificial lights while clean dryer ducts reduce wear and tear on your appliances and the need for more loads.

Boost Curb Appeal: Any property management team will tell you, structures that are ugly on the outside will send passersby running. This means reduced foot traffic for businesses, lower home valuations for owners and a lack of tenants for rental properties. DIY often leads to damage, so avoid the headache by choosing a professional to update your space and have it looking new again.

Going Gorilla: Full Service Property Care

Routine maintenance can lead to long-term benefits and there is no one better to call than our Gorillas. Our full service property care helps to create safe spaces and improves the overall condition of your property. Fully insured technicians provide property owners with peace of mind and great results.