Keeping your property clean and functioning is a tall order and can seem impossible. It doesn’t need to be though, with Gorillas roaming through your community. As the demand for complete and reliable service grows, so does the Gorilla family. Gorilla franchisee partner Jordan is leading his very own team of local experts, keeping properties in the Langley area clean and inviting.

Graffiti artists might like to leave their mark but they are not discerning about where. You might be dealing with an unwanted paint job splashed across your property, but it doesn’t have to be for long! Jordan and his team of Gorillas strive for same-day removal of graffiti, whenever it is possible. In addition to removing graffiti, our Gorillas can remove natural staining from exterior areas and windows, as well. Our Langley window cleaning and pressure washing are all necessary for keeping your property looking its best throughout the year. Natural debris happens through the course of the year as well. Roof clutter, gutter blockages and snow fall are all a part of living in Langley. Instead of being feeling stuck or buried in your property, call Jordan for your Langley roof cleaning and moss removal, gutter cleaning and snow removal and salting.