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Maple Ridge is an inviting mix of urban and rural, and the same goes for its properties. For property owners in the area, getting ready for the holiday season can mean decorating a small patio, or a sprawling yard. No matter the size of your property, everyone should have the opportunity to showcase their space with brilliant light displays. If getting up on a ladder or untangling strings of lights aren’t for you, call a Gorilla for your Maple Ridge holiday light installations.

In Canada, the festive season never ends. With so many different communities celebrating throughout the year – good luck keeping up! Luckily, there is a team of highly trained Gorillas ready to swing into action, accommodating Christmas lights, Hanukkah lights, Diwali lights, Lighting for New Years and even Halloween.

Why You Should Let An Expert Handle Your Holiday Light Installations

Putting fairy lights on a Christmas tree is a fun holiday pass-time, but outdoor lights are a different story all together. Being outside for hours on end in freezing temperatures is never fun, and neither is trying to balance on a ladder, or step across slippery surfaces. What is even worse is finishing up a project, only to find that your lights are crooked, burnt out, or just not quite right. Hiring an expert means putting your reservations to bed and still getting great results.

Create a Unique Lighting Design: The type of lights that you might want to use as a halloween decoration, will not suit a lantern festival or be an appropriate choice for Chinese New Year lights. Instead of being stuck with cookie-cutter designs, Gorilla customers can design their own light displays. Be creative. Showcase the unique parts of your home and personality!

Discreet: Seeing a shining light display at night is great, but you do not want to be stuck with low hanging light strings or bulbs slumped in inconvenient areas. An LED light string is incredibly bright at night but nearly invisible during the daylight.

Make Sure Your Lights Work: Traditionally, one of the most infuriating aspects of Christmas light installation has been untangling the lights from the year before! Not only do you have to spend hours untangling these, you then have to check to make sure that they work. When using professional Gorilla services, you purchase the lights directly from our technicians, before they are professionally installed. This guarantees that your lights work.

Boost Your Curb Appeal: House lighting can help to set your house apart from the rest of the neighbourhood – and the same goes for businesses. Everyone loves a great light display – so light up the night with a variety of lighting options. Our Gorillas can install flood lights and decorative spheres, adding to your landscape lighting, as well as hitting the heights around your gutters and rafters. In the event that you are looking to list a home or are searching for tenants, having excellent decor lighting can demonstrate that you space is well cared for. Add value to your space and raise spirits around the holidays, with a little help from our experts.

Have Them Going Gorilla For Your Holiday Lights

When you are in the market for a decorative Diwali design, haunting Halloween lighting, spectacular Spring Festival Designs or more, our team of experts can help to outfit your space for every occasion. When your home decor shines inside, you want an exterior to match, and our Gorillas can make that happen!

Not only do Gorilla technicians create appealing light displays, they make the process incredibly easy! All it takes is one call to set up a consultation, choosing between curtain lights, festival lights, mini lights and even wreaths or garlands, in a wide range of colours. Once your products and designs are chosen, our Gorillas set up an appointment to install lights, arriving on-scene with top safety equipment and a great technique. After the holiday season is over, our team of experts swing back around to remove them. Call today to book an appointment with our highly trained and fully insured Gorillas.

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