Owning property is a great financial investment but it is also an investment of your time and energy. Depending on the size and style of your structures, property maintenance can be an everyday demand. Instead of struggling to keep up, rely on our team of highly experienced Gorilla technicians for your Muskoka property services.

Outdoor property care is a multi-step approach, caring for structures from top to bottom. It is easy to let the condition of your gutters or roofing fall to the wayside when it is out of sight but even a bit of neglect can lead to widespread damage. Construction materials have a lot to deal with the overall condition of your property, so call a pro to treat any and all surfaces around your residential or commercial property.

Keeping Your Property Clean: Getting the Best Results

When it comes to property management, there are some tasks that can be handled by owners while others should be left to the experts. Taking on DIY cleanings and care might seem like a great idea at the outset but it does not take long for amateur practices to turn into disasters. Projects like power washing, for example can quickly take surfaces from dirty to destroyed.

Vulnerable materials like glass or siding are prone to breakage without the right technique but improper household tasks like snow removal and salting can lead to personal injury. Instead of taking a risk with an inexperienced pressure washing technique, call a professional to get the best results, done safely.

Exterior Property Services: Going Gorilla

Gorilla Property Services is committed to being a leader in the property maintenance industry. Property owners are quick to call in an expert for their lawn care needs, so why not for window cleaning services, graffiti removal or other complicated practices? Luckily, Denis and his team of highly trained Gorillas are ready and able to service all property types throughout the Muskoka area.

Fully insured technicians are able to provide not only great results, but they are paired with peace of mind. With options for recurring services or one-time treatments, all it takes is one call to clean away clutter and get rid of dirt and debris. Boost your curb appeal and create a more comfortable environment for guests, tenants and customers.