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As the days become shorter and the holidays are right around the corner, nothing sets the stage for a celebration like a light display. Outdoor decor lighting is a great way to showcase your property and celebrate the season, but hanging these lights can be a real pain. Luckily, our Gorillas are ready to swing into action for your Red Deer holiday light installation services. Instead of being stuck with basic lighting options or subpar results, call an expert for a great job, done safely.

The majority of lights on the market are either decorative, with thin plastic (and brittle) designs, or are limited to basic colour palettes that do not translate to the holiday at hand. The adorable pumpkins featured on Halloween string lights will not work as Diwali decorations. Instead of spending your evenings and weekends swapping out one decoration for another, build a lighting design for your specific celebration and property.

The Importance of Professional Seasonal House Lighting

No matter your background, everyone has a reason to celebrate throughout the year. You may be looking to celebrate Christmas, or ring in the Chinese New Year, but whatever your reason to rejoice, it is always improved with a few well placed accent lights. You might be able to pop out to an everyday department store to pick up basic light sets, but these often will not last through the season, and they certainly won’t install themselves!

Calling an expert for your holiday or Christmas light installation services mean getting great results, done safely. There is nothing more frustrating than finishing a large-scale home project, only to find that you have hung lights crookedly or that there are burnt out or broken bulbs along the string. In addition to quality of your lights, property owners must also consider safety. There are not many things that are more dangerous than heights, and this applies to walking across slippery roofing or climbing up onto a ladder. When you call a Gorilla to hang your outdoor lights, you are getting not only great results, but safe practices as well.

As October rolls around, stores are flooded with Halloween decorations, Thanksgiving wreaths and centrepieces, and even some early Christmas decorations. Going into winter, Christmas begins to take over, but it can be difficult to find decor for certain other holidays. A few niche stores may sell Hanukkah supplies, paper lanterns or Diwali decorations. Don’t just make do this holiday season, when you can call a Gorilla for your lighting needs.

Hanging Your Outdoor Lights: How Our Gorillas Get It Done

In order to make life easier for property owners in our community, our Gorillas have simplified the light installation process, while maintaining a great result for homes and commercial properties. If you are wondering how, the answer is a simple four-step process:

  • Build Your Design. Work with a Gorilla technician to create your ideal lighting design, from style to colour temperatures. This allows customers to build ideal designs that cater to your desired holiday or celebration.
  • Purchase Your Products. Once you have chosen your ideal design, purchase your products directly from a Gorilla. Instead of struggling with flimsy lights or tangled strings, we operate using commercial grade LED light options, that are made to be durable and survive frigid temperatures. LED lights are bright during the evening and discreet during the daytime, so there is no downside to using these energy efficient outdoor Christmas lights.
  • Book Your Appointment. Gorilla technicians measure your surface areas, ensuring that you are not left with unsightly overhang. Once your lights are properly sized, they put safety equipment to use, using the appropriate stands and tie-offs to keep technicians safe.
  • Remove Your Lights. In the same way that installation is dangerous, so is removal. As the season ends, call your friendly neighbourhood Gorilla to come back and safely remove lights.

From landscape lighting at the ground level, to sky-high Diwali lights, Chinese New Year lights, Halloween lighting and more, call a Gorilla today!

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