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Homeowners in North Vancouver take pride in their properties – and for good reason! With  interesting architecture, sprawling yards and terrific views, it is no wonder that you want to showcase your home, and what better time than the holidays? When the festive season rolls around, everyone loves a vibrant light display, but these are not easily achieved. Professional North Vancouver holiday light installation can help to create your dream light display, while you kick back and enjoy the season!

Thought the Vancouver area, the holiday season never ends! With a variety of celebrations from all over the world, there is never a dull moment. Gorilla crews are ready to swing into action at any time of year, helping to design, install and even remove lights when the season is finished.

The Benefits of Professional Holiday Light Installation Services

You might be used to dealing with basic string lights, but our vibrant options are anything but! Gorillas offer dynamic light displays in a variety of colours, and styles. In addition to the lights themselves, our Gorillas provide safe installation, peace of mind and, the guarantee that your display is working properly.

Make Your House Stand Out: There are plenty of ways to boost your curb appeal, and a light show is one of them. Decorating indoors is great but when you want to be the brightest house on the block, it requires attractive house lighting. Far from basic Christmas lights, LED lights are more vibrant, and durable to withstand the cold and rainy season.

Safe Practices: Whether you are hoping to hang lights from the heights of your structures, or are focused on landscape lighting, each of these come along with its own risk and health hazards, namely getting up on ladders. Hanging lights or red lanterns often require getting up on a ladder and managing frozen ground. All it takes is one misstep to upend a ladder or end up in the hospital. Hiring a professional for your outdoor lights means technicians have access to top of the line safety equipment and training.

Customize Your Design: With so many festivals and celebrations in play during a single season, it is important to have options. Whether you are looking for Diwali lights, Chinese New Year Lights, Halloween Lighting or Hanukkah displays, our Gorillas help to create your ideal design.

Save Time & Costs: Around the holidays, your time becomes even more precious. Between balancing friends, family, parties and work, the day can fill up quickly – and you don’t want to spend your evenings or weekends struggling with lights. Working with Gorilla means being able to design your light display, and purchase lights directly from your technicians. This limits to amount of time you have to spend running from store to store, searching for the ideal light strings, and the cost of trial and error when hanging these up.

The Gorilla Approach: The Best Results for Your Lighting System

Beginning in Fall and all through Winter, shelves are stocked with simple string lights, either with colourful bulbs, or sometimes images, like pumpkins or a Christmas tree. Instead of using these everyday strings for your Christmas light installation, upgrade your products and your overall results. Gorilla services use high quality, commercial grade LED lights for both for create the best in display and landscape lighting design.

Instead of limiting yourself to string lights, calling an expert for your lunar new year, Diwali or Christmas light installation service, means a ton of options. Curtain lights can cover whole houses or patios, while Edison bulb festival lights can add a touch of flare to any space, for a Spring Festival. Mini lights turn your hedges or trees into a fairy-tale setting, while decorative spheres and flood lights frame your pathways.

Each member of the Gorilla team is fully insured to protect properties and technicians. Don’t let your lantern festival fall flat, or your lion dance feel unfinished. A great finished product takes more than good luck and that is why we highly recommend professional installation services. Not only do Gorilla crews offer expert installation, they come back when the season is over to properly remove them. Call today for your free estimate.

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