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Throughout Richmond, there are plenty of reasons to celebrate. Whether you are following the lunar calendar, a seasonal schedule or are just getting festive with the family, a vibrant light display can help to highlight your celebration. Professional Richmond holiday light installation can help to create dynamic displays, that are bright, durable and completely unique to your needs.

Putting up a Christmas tree is great for interior decor but when you want your home or commercial space to stand out, outdoor lights are a great way to make a statement. You might be able to find basic string lights at any department store, but these won’t necessarily fit the occasion or look that you want – but our Gorillas can help! No matter the time of year, our team of highly trained Gorillas provide expert installation, done safety.

Shine Bright This Holiday Season: Professionally Installed Lighting

Throughout the Greater Vancouver Area, there are tons of occasions to celebrate, some of which might be religious holidays, family events, or marking the start of a new year. Each of these have they own traditions, and often a colour scheme to match! Christmas lights are not appropriate to use as Halloween lighting, and Diwali lights do not always translate into Chinese New Year lights. Instead of learning to live with limited options, call a Gorilla instead!

Working with Gorilla Property Services means having the option to choose from over 100 variations of lighting styles, patterns and colours. With so many variations available, it is possible to design completely unique, custom designs. This means not only choosing your colour palette, but the type of house lighting that you use.

In the same way that you can customize your colours, you can also customize the style of lights on your property. A Chinese lantern festival, for example, showcases floating lights, but that does not mean that you have to stop there. Most of these festivals involve gold and red lanterns, so why not accent your exterior with these same colours? With options for LED string lights, mini lights, custom cut lights, curtain lights, festival lights, or even flood lights and decorative spheres for landscape lighting, we can light your space from top to bottom.

As great as it is to highlight your roof line or window frames with bright lights, but it is important not to overlook the ground floor. For patios, gazebos and even pathways, each of these is an opportunity to make a statement in lights. Low voltage landscape lights can get lost in the crowd but bright path lights can guide guests or customers, right to your front door.

Gorilla Property Services: Hanging Your Holiday Lights in Style

No matter how you look at it, light installation is a complicated process, and can be dangerous. Consider Christmas light installation, for example, this process means either getting up on ladders, or stepping across slippery surfaces. Calling a professional for your installation means having experts arrive on-scene with top of the line safety equipment and the right technique to get great results.

Each member of the Gorilla team is local to your area, so we understand exactly what your property needs. With a ton of industry experience and community knowledge, no one gets better results than our Gorillas. After an in-depth consultation, our Gorillas arrive on-scene for an installation. Once the holiday season has ended, technicians come back to remove lights. What could be easier than that?

Our experts provide the perfect backdrop for your lion dance, set the stage for a family reunion or birthday, get ready for your spring festival, highlight Hanukkah festivities, cater to your Christmas festivities or set you up for Diwali, festival of lights. Gorilla services are fully insured to protect both our technicians, and your property. Call today for your free quote.

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