The east coast is just as bright and cheerful as ever with Matt and his team of Gorillas on the scene. With Gorillas swinging safely from rooftops to windows, our Halifax team is working hard to beautify our communities. Providing clear views, clean canvases and a welcoming environment is all part of the job when you call Matt and the rest of the Gorilla team.

From hitting the heights around your property, to clearing away stains from ground-level concrete, our Gorillas can do it all. Maintaining both the form and function of your roof is as simple as enlisting semi-annual treatments of your Halifax roof cleaning and moss removal, or Halifax gutter cleaning services. In addition to preserving the structural integrity of your roof, our Gorillas maintain the aesthetics as well. Seemingly simple services like window cleaning, pressure washing and graffiti removal can bring new life to your home or workspace. Maintaining the look and condition of your property can increase property values, and provide a welcoming atmosphere for guests or clients. Don’t wait for the worst-case scenario, but call Matt and his Gorillas to keep your property running throughout the year!