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Muskoka is known as cabin country for a reason. With plenty of lakeside properties, it does not take much to set a scene, and outdoor lights can help! Far from basic fairy lights, or dim additions, property owners in the Muskoka area are keen to make a statement using holiday lights, all throughout the year. No matter the occasion, our Gorillas want to help your property stand out with our expert Muskoka holiday light installation services.

Whether you are celebrating Diwali, installing Chinese New Year lights or are seeking out house lighting for another festive occasion, there are always pros and cons that come along with outdoor home decoration. What might seem like a simple task can quickly take a turn for the worse, leading to property damage or serious injury. For high quality results and dazzling displays, look no further than your friendly neighbourhood Gorillas.

Unique Lighting Designs For The Holiday Season

Properties across Muskoka are incredibly unique, and so are their owners! While you might be day dreaming about Christmas lights design, your next door neighbour might be planning their Halloween decorations. In order to bring out the unique features and personality of your home or commercial space, our Gorillas work alongside owners to create a unique designs, built using a variety of high quality, durable lighting options.

Make a Statement: In the past, basic lighting options have been restrictive to homeowners looking to create an ideal lighting design. Instead of common accent lights with fragile bulbs and complicated chords, our Gorillas use LED lights to illuminate roofing lines, porches and other areas. Throughout the frigid winters in Ontario, it is not uncommon for bulbs to become brittle, break, or burn out early. LED Christmas lights, on the other hand, are built to withstand freezing temperatures, are energy efficient, and are made to last.

Stay Safe: Whether you are installing a row of icicle lights on on your porch, or are wrapping string lights around a chimney, heights are always dangerous! With heavy rains in fall, or freezing temperatures over night, roof surfaces can quickly become slippery. Frozen ground or saturated lawns create uneven surfaces for ladders, meaning a higher chance of upturned ladders and serious falls. Calling a professional light installation service means access to top safety equipment and practices designed to keep technicians safe.

Lighting Homes From Top to Bottom: In addition to high quality string lights, Gorilla customers are able to choose from a variety of lighting options and styles, designed to create full displays, from the ground level, all the way up to the roof. Landscape lights can help to create an appealing scene at the ground level, using anything from path lights, to flood lights and even decorative orbs.

More than a decoration, lights are a great way to boost your curb appeal, draw a crowd, showcase unique architectural features of your structures and, even help to guide friends, tenants and guests right to your front door.

Going Gorilla for Your Holiday Light Installation

Part of what sets Gorilla holiday light installation services apart from the competition, is our willingness to work alongside homeowners to create unique designs, schedule installations and even offer removal services. The process is easy:

  • Create your design and choose your products
  • Book your installation
  • Purchase your products directly from our Gorillas
  • Enjoy!

When you are ready to think about your Diwali lights, Halloween lighting, Hanukkah displays or Christmas light installation services, call a Gorilla for great results, competitive pricing and excellent customer service. When you are ready to pack up your Christmas tree or other decorations, just call a Gorilla to take down your outdoor lights safely – and while we’re at it, why not bundle your services? When dealing with heights, why not combine roof and window cleaning services along with your light removal? Call today for a free quote and to get the ball rolling on your outdoor holiday decorations.

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