When caring for homes and commercial spaces, it is important to split focus between interior and exterior spaces. While owners and managers are busy working inside, let a Gorilla conquer the great outdoors. A regular Halton Hills property maintenance routine not only keeps your property looking its best, it extends the lifespan of materials, saving money in the long run. Cut costs and boost curb appeal with a bit of help from one of your friendly, neighbourhood Gorillas.


The exteriors of your structure are made up of many moving parts. Some areas might be looking a little worse for the wear, but others can suffer in silence for years. Dirt, snow, moisture and even sunshine can take their toll on your property, and that is why our Gorilla specialists have created treatment plans that address their communities one service at a time, or as part of a winning combination.

Roof Care: Your roof is more than a flat surface. When you want the best for your roof, it is important to not only clear away debris and growth, but to treat surrounding areas as well, like gutters.

House Washing/Exterior Cleaning: It does not take long for clean walls to lose their lustre. Dust, dirt, mold and mildew accumulate along surfaces – particularly in a damp environment. Delicate materials like stucco or vinyl siding can be treated using soft washing techniques, while concrete and retaining walls are cleaned with pressure washers. Organic discolourations are common eyesores, but that does not mean that graffiti is not a real issue.

Appliance/Fixture Care: For many multi-unit properties, chores like cleaning windows or scrubbing vents can be a huge ordeal. Apartment buildings, condo complexes, schools, hospitals and hotels all have shared laundry facilities, equipped with a clothes dryer. Dryer vent cleaning keeps appliances running at peak performance and saves costs on premature repairs or replacements. Proper window cleaning can feel impossible without the right tools and that is why our Gorilla crew arrives on-scene with top-notch safety equipment and tools that can reach windows up to four storeys.

Seasonal: No matter where you are in Canada, snow is an issue. Instead of breaking your back on repeat removals, have a Gorilla do the heavy lifting. Regularly scheduled snow removal and salting services are available all around the Halton Hills area. Our experts are available for single call-outs, regular care and 24/7 emergency services.


Every Gorilla is local to your area and offers up expert results alongside excellent customer service. With a network of highly-knowledgeable, highly-trained peers, there is no problem that our specialists cannot solve. You can always expect timely service at a competitive rate – that is the Gorilla guarantee!