Our team of property maintenance experts is expanding across Ontario and Crissy is happy to serve property owners and tenants with their residential, commercial and multi-unit properties.

Any sort of maintenance, whether it is routine or reactionary, is a chore. Professional services can improve the look and curb appeal of your property, all while preserving materials and getting the full lifespan out of your space. When cared for properly, construction materials can last for decades but this requires experience, a trained eye and the right technique.

Anyone can fire up a garden hose or pick up a basic blue glass cleaner but it takes more than just that to get results. Each member of the Gorilla team is local to your area, so we know exactly what you are up against. More than great results, our Gorillas offer up timely care, excellent customer service and peace of mind!

Getting to Know the Gorilla Process

Whether working up high or at ground-level, Gorillas are always prepared with top safety equipment. Before work begins, all properties are subject to a careful inspection. By assessing the condition of your space, we can be sure there is no risk of unnecessary damage. This applies to use of power tools like pressure washers or gentler tasks like window cleaning.

The Gorilla guarantee means not settling for subpar results. By taking a bit of extra initiative, Crissy and her team of experts are able to keep spaces looking their best, for longer periods of time. Scrubbing dryer vents and washing out gutters help to keep blockages at bay while testing and after-care ensure there is nothing hiding out behind the scenes.

When you want the best results for your home, workspaces or multi-unit properties, look no further than your friendly neighbourhood Gorilla team.