There’s no doubt about it, Oakville is a great place to call home. Ontario’s largest town sits in the shadow of Toronto and boasts a harbour front, loads of walking and bike trials and tons of character homes. For those individuals that live in the Oakville area, taking care of properties is a major priority and our Gorillas are here to help!

The Gorilla empire has expanded and our team of experts are ready to swing into action all across Oakville and the surrounding area. Property care is a complicated process and the needs of a home or business will change throughout the year. Whether you are looking for snow removal in the winter or to scrub off salt stains with soft washing, just one visit from a Gorilla can strip away years of built up dirt, debris and discolouration.

Property Maintenance: Quality Service That You Can Count On

Professional property care doesn’t just benefit single family homes, it can be applied to structures of all shapes and sizes, including townhouses and even a high rise. For a property management firm, keeping a high traffic property clean can feel like a full time job on its own but it doesn’t have to! When it comes to managing exterior spaces, all it takes is one call to your local Gorilla for sparkling clean surfaces and happy tenants.

When booking professional exterior cleaning services, property owners and property management companies are able to create customized cleaning plans according to the unique needs of their space. This can be regularly scheduled cleaning for windows, walls and even roofing. Keeping up with an outdoor cleaning routine doesn’t just leave properties looking their best, it clears away slippery surfaces and can even give you an idea of condition so any necessary repairs can be planned/organized before they become worse.

In addition to benefiting homeowners and property management companies, a clean exterior is great for boosting curb appeal as well! Anyone will tell you that a great first impression will make a major difference in the world of real estate. If you are getting ready to list your home, combine different services for a top to bottom clean and increase your chance of selling.

Keeping up with the demands of our clients means flexible schedules and being ready for anything — Good thing our Gorillas are up to the task! Our services include treating standard day-to-day stains, as well as the more complicated ones and we do it all safely with an eco-friendly approach.