Eliminating Ice

Canada is synonymous with winter. Canadian teams dominate in winter sports and our landscapes would feel incomplete without a fresh blanket of snow. From coast to coast, this winter has seen exceptionally warm temperatures. A calm climate is great for spending time outdoors, but it also means ice formation! Don’t spend your time slipping and sliding around when professional care can keep you on your feet. Let our expert care put our knowledge and training to use, caring for the treacherous areas of your space.

Saying Goodbye to Slips

It is easy to become wrapped up in heavy snowfalls, but something more sinister is lurking just below the surface. Everyone knows that temperatures fluctuate throughout the day. Warm, sunny afternoons will melt snow over the course of the day, only to have it freeze again overnight. This process leaves driveways, walkways and yards slick and difficult to manage. Ice poses a safety hazard not only to property owners, but to guests and customers as well. Ice is such a problem that there are even by-laws dictating control of slippery conditions. Save yourself the stress, citations and slips that come along with winter weather, by calling in a Gorilla!

What We Do

There are plenty of reasons that property owners avoid snow removal and salting. A clear property involves a lot of manual labour, cold temperatures and without the proper technique – health hazards. Choosing a professional service means 24 hour emergency call outs for both snow clearing and salting. While it seems simple enough to throw down a handful of rock salt, but identifying and addressing problem areas takes a trained eye. Our Gorillas are trained to treat areas around foundations or dips and grooves in grass or cement that collect water and create problems.

Hitting Heights For Gutter Cleaning

gutter cleaning

There is no denying that Canadian property owners are currently dealing with rainfall and big dumps of snow. This is hard enough to handle from the ground, but all this moisture has to go somewhere. Homes, commercial spaces and strata properties  are designed to take falling and melting water and transport it out and away from construction materials. This process only works when systems are running smoothly and a clogged gutter is anything but smooth. Don’t let something as treatable as a blocked eavestrough cause damage when you can call in a Gorilla!

The Downside of Blockages

When indoors, a blocked pipe does not go unnoticed for long but an eavestrough can skate by for months – or even years! While it is easy to forget about this drainage system, organic material is always collecting. Heavy items sink low, creating a foundation layer that traps lighter pieces of debris on top. When pathways are blocked, water backs up and softens construction materials. Weakened parts of your property open the door for water damage, mould growth and other issues with your property. Don’t wait until it is too late to have a professional service tackle your gutter system. In addition to property damage, sitting water and a damp environment are pretty inviting for pests. With holes in materials, insects and rodents can sneak in, taking over your property in no time at all. When you notice slow draining water, there is only one service to call – Gorilla Property Services!

Going Gorilla

Our Gorillas arrive on-scene with the right safety tools and technique to get the job done properly. Instead of taking a risk with rickety ladders and by-hand results, let our specialists handle your blockages with high-pressure vacuums, water testing and a trained eye. Instead of scooping out obvious clogs, treat your system completely with a bit of help from a Gorilla. Our experts treat the entirety of your drainage system, monitoring downspouts as well as covered and uncovered areas.

Getting Gutters Ready For Winter

Fall might bring in cooler temperatures, but it also brings in an increase in moisture. Cities across Canada all have to deal with this increase in moisture differently but every property relies on a perimeter drain to keep them going. Heavy rains might force owners or managers to call in a Vancouver gutter cleaning service, while prairie residents might need a Winnipeg eavestrough cleaning to combat snow melt. Whatever you call it, your drainage system needs help to keep going – and our  Gorillas are it!

Not clearing out gutter systems means that blockages are left to sit over long periods. Your system might be designed to carry water away from sensitive areas, but it can’t do its job if it is clogged up. With no way to drain, water from rain fall and snow melt is left to sit, rotting organic debris inside pipes. These covered spaces create a welcoming environment for both pests and property damage.  If you are noticing slow draining, or it has just been a while since your last cleaning, call a Gorilla to find out how the experts get the job done.

Why Choose A Gorilla ?

It seems simple enough to throw on a pair of gloves and run a hand through uncovered pipes but this doesn’t get results. Our Gorillas treat your space using high powered vacuums that can reach both uncovered and covered pipes, along with downspouts and other problem areas. This method insures that there are no hidden blockages within your system.

Expert results are not enough to keep our Gorillas happy. Top safety practices and precautions take priority for our experienced staff. Gorillas only operate when they are fully insured in order to protect themselves and your residential, strata or commercial property.

gutter cleaning

Caring for your property

Caring for your property piece by piece takes a lot of time and certain tasks can fall through the cracks. Why bother juggling several chores and appointments when you can combine services with Gorilla Property Services. Cleaning off one area while leaving the others clogged or dingy, does not create a well-rounded result for your property. Instead of trapping focus on one area, combining services keeps your property running smoothly and looking great with long-lasting and consistent results.

What Should You Bundle?

There are certain combinations that just work better than others. In the name of efficiency, our Gorillas have begun pairing services to make a better couple than peanut butter and jelly!

Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal: should always go hand-in-hand with gutter cleaning. These two areas of your residential, strata or commercial properties work together to keep your roof clean and perimeter drains flowing.
Graffiti Removal, Pressure Washing, and Soft Washing services: Graffiti vandalism happens and it is important to remove those stains as soon as possible. If you are already cleaning one patch of your space, you might as well do the whole thing! Pressure washing can strip away growth from harder surfaces while soft washing tackles delicate materials. Keeping the exterior of your home or workplace is as easy as calling a Gorilla.

While some services are better left for spring and fall months, snow clearing and salting needs are prevalent throughout the winter season. Our Gorillas can create a maintenance schedule that accommodates the needs of your property while creating a safe and inviting environment for visitors and clients.

Our Gorillas keep your property going all year long. Creating a customized schedule that fits the needs of your home or workplace is all a part of the expert results at Gorilla Property Services.

Getting Ready For Winter

getting ready for winterAs summer sunshine gives way to fall temperatures, it is time for property owners to think about seasonal maintenance issues. Treating your home or workspace for potential threats can help maintain your structural integrity all year long. Extending the lifespan of your construction materials sounds like a tall order, but all it takes is a professional service routine. Keeping your property running smoothly, whether it is a home or commercial space, requires multiple steps for well-rounded results. In areas such as roofs, it is important to service surfaces, gutters and growth for a well-rounded result. The good news for property owners across Canada, is that the Gorillas in your area are able to cover every aspect of your roof with our roof clearing and moss removal service, and our gutter cleaning.

The Importance of Professional Roof Maintenance

Gutters are an often overlooked household chore. These fixtures are tough to reach, and difficult to clear out completely without the right tools for the job. When you seek out professional help, our Gorillas arrive on the scene, equipped with all the right tools to clear gutters completely, at every level. Climbing up to reach gutters on your own can put pressure on sensitive areas and lead to bent or broken fixtures. Years of experience means that our Gorillas know how to treat your property right without the threat of damage. Once our maintenance experts are eye-to-eye with your clogged system, vacuums are used to clear drains completely. By clearing away clogs, Gorillas keep water moving, limiting the amount of water damage caused blocked systems.

Combining Gutter Cleaning With Roof Clearing & Moss Removal

Combining gutter cleaning with roof clearing and moss removal sets your property up for success all year round. Spring and Fall months see a lot of debris being dislodged from surrounding plant life and deposited onto roofs. Leaving this debris to sit leads to retained moisture, weakened materials and moss growth. Clearing away debris from your gutters and the surfaces of your roof protects materials from being softened, preventing water damage and costly repairs. Ditch debris with a little help from our Gorillas!

Summer Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal

This summer might be a dry one, but that does not stop unwanted growth from spreading around your roof. With temperatures on the rise, there are not many property owners who are getting ready to climb up onto smoking hot shingles. It is easy to put these chores off until a more convenient time, but the longer you wait, the worse these issues get. Instead of letting these things slide, just call a Gorilla for your roof cleaning and moss removal.

Dealing With Debris

The Canadian climate fluctuates day to day and coast to coast, but roof clutter is a constant. Organic debris can blow off of trees, be transmitted by the wind or begin to grow all on its own. The roof of your home or commercial space is easy to ignore, as it is primarily unseen throughout the day. Just because it is out of sight does not mean that your roof should stay out of mind. Your roof is always working hard for you, so it is only fair to make your roof cleaning and moss removal a part of your routine maintenance. By routine removal of organic clutter, and moss, you can extend the lifespan of your construction materials. Limit the amount of repairs, replacements and costs involved in taking care of your roof.

Choosing Gorilla For Your Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal

When you call a Gorilla for your roof cleaning and moss removal, you are getting great results, done safely. Every Gorilla operates under insurance, so you can put your worries to bed and your feet up while your roof is being cleaned. Limiting the amount of debris that builds on your roof can also limit the spread of harmful moss. A roof cleaning and moss removal is not just about aesthetics, but about preserving the condition of your property.

Putting Stains In The Past

Every day, while you are busy managing the everyday running of your property, stains are building up silently. Visible staining does not always appear all at once, but layers over itself until it is hard to ignore. Instead of dealing with grime, dirt, growth or even graffiti, call in a Gorilla to save the day! Our team of Gorillas are working cross-country to keep each city and province looking its best.

It can be easy to become caught up in simply accepting things the way that they appear. Over time, it can be difficult to see through the surface area and to remember how things used to look. Clearing away one small portion of a stain can be a great reminder of how your deck, retaining wall, or concrete used to look but a few chunks of clean space are not enough. Clearing away a large space takes time and technique that not everyone has. An itchy trigger finger can clear away a small space, but it can cause a great deal of damage if used incorrectly. Don’t bother taking a risk with your property when it is so easy to call in a Gorilla for help.

Because our Gorillas are local to your area, you will never be left waiting for results. Prompt service is a key feature of our Gorillas, but so are our results. By treating surface stains first, the eyesore is removed while the actual cause becomes all the more apparent. Cause and symptom both need to be treated in order to get the right results for any type of property.

Taking Care of Your Windows

Summer days are sunny days, so why not enjoy them? There is no better feeling than throwing opened your blinds and letting natural light fill the rooms of your home or storefront. Even a little bit of natural lighting can go a long way but it can go even further when coming in through a clean window. The windows around your property do more than supply a view. Small or large panes of glass spend all year collecting organic debris, streaks and stains. Don’t spend another day staring through clouded glass when our window cleaning can take care of it for you.

The Dangers of Dirty Windows

More so than being visually unappealing, dirty windows have a negative impact on the condition of the glass itself. Even though it is not yellow and squishy, glass is a porous material, like a sponge. These two items might work in different ways, but the concept is the same: opened pores absorb environmental materials around them. For a sponge, it is water and for windows, it is organic debris. Once foreign materials begin to seep into the pores of glass, the material itself begins to weaken. Weakened materials are at greater risk of breakage, need of repairs and can lead to drafts, impacting household expenses and bills. Why bother dealing with the worst-case scenario when you can call a Gorilla instead? Our window cleaning services help extend the lifespan of your windows through proper routine maintenance.

Getting The Right Results

Even if you realize that your windows are in need of a little TLC, it is hard to know how to get the best results. While some theories about particular cleaners or cloths might contain a bit of truth, only professional tools and techniques will get your windows sparkling. Our Gorillas use rubber squeegees and eco-friendly cleaning solutions to clear each nook and angle of your windows while eliminating static electricity that draws airborne dirt back to the surface. With the help of water-fed poles and training, our Gorillas are able to clean windows up four storeys high. No matter the style of your property, our Gorillas can assess and treat your windows, so why wait?

Dealing With Dryness

Communities all across Canada are dealing with dreaded dry spells. A lack of rain in the forecast might be stealing focus but now is the perfect time to deal with outdoor drama. Drier climates tend to see more organic debris dislodged and spread out over properties. This might clutter up lawns but your gutters are also filling up. As soon as dark clouds start to form, you will find yourself overloaded with a full eavestrough and nowhere for water to drain! This might sound troublesome, but you can avoid all of that with a little help from a friendly neighbourhood Gorilla! A professional gutter cleaning service will make sure that your drainage system is running smoothly all year long.

It can be difficult to notice when your gutters are becoming clogged. Every last piece of debris that makes its way into your system contributes to a future blockage. Obviously smaller pieces of debris will take longer to accumulate and become obvious but larger items can be instant trouble. It is easy to let the condition of your gutters fall to the wayside but this can lead to water damage, leaks, flooding, mould and even pest infestation. By making your eavestrough cleaning a semi-annual affair, you can avoid damage and get the full lifespan out of your gutters.

In order to get the best results for your eavestrough cleaning, our Gorillas operate using top of the line safety features and tools. By using vacuums instead of just hands, even the smallest pieces of debris are sucked up and disposed of. When you want the best results for your gutter cleaning service, all it takes is one phone call to a Gorilla. Call today to book an appointment to keep your drains, draining and your gutters clean!

A Clean Slate For Your Gutters

gutter cleaningAs the weather gets warmer, it is easy to be distracted by the great outdoors. Canada is known for having one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, so it is no wonder that you want to go out and explore! With all of these great things on your to-do list, it is easy to forget chores at home. Your home or workspace will survive the occasional forgotten dish or unswept floor, but clogged gutters can mean real trouble.

From the outside, a clogged or blocked gutter system might not seem like the end of the world but a bit of debris can cause a ripple effect throughout your property. Rain does not stop falling and moisture does not stop collecting just because you haven’t been able to empty out your gutters. Opened eavestrough systems collect fallen and dislodged debris kicked up by wind or discarded from surrounding plant life. The more that falls, the more that layers over itself and the more dense your clogs become. With nowhere to go, water simply sits. Sitting water is a great home for mosquitos or other pests. In addition, this water adds weight to fixtures and can pull them away from their attachments. As sitting water adds up, it can rest up against construction materials, softening them and wearing away at them. This means leaks, water damage and even flooding over time.

By combining both elbow grease and state of the art technology, our Gorillas are able to get the best results for your gutter cleaning service. There are plenty of reasons that can’t handle your gutter cleaning all on your own, but that does not mean that you have to live with a clogged drainage system. Our Gorillas are outfitted with all the right safety equipment, training and vacuums to clean blockages out of every pipe and downspout.

If you are noticing slow draining from your system, an eavestrough cleaning is in the cards for you! By making your gutter cleaning a part of your home maintenance routine. Twice annual maintenance can make a world of difference to your gutters!

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