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Wiping Windows Clean

The last days of Fall might be dwindling down to a close but that doesn’t mean that it is too late to check property maintenance off of your to-do list. Watching the leaves change colours is great but it doesn’t do much good if you can’t see them. Wiping glass seems like a simple fix for dirty windows but it is not enough to maintain an overall good condition. Before snow and ice buildup make this chore more difficult, have a Gorilla handle your window cleaning needs.

Why Regular Cleaning Is Important

Windows can seem solid to the touch, but they are not indestructible. A rogue baseball or accidental bump can crack glass, but force is not the only way to break windows. It might not seem like it but glass is a porous surface, meaning that when gunk, debris and buildup are left sitting against surfaces, they can seep inside. As foreign materials seep down into panes, they wear down on structural integrity. Weakened glass means easier breakage and can even spell destruction for surrounding areas like sills and frames. Routine maintenance makes it possible to keep an eye on conditions while still getting the results that you need.

It is easy to say that windows should be cleaned twice a year but getting the job done is not quite so simple. Exterior windows are often high up and require specialty tools to tackle streaks and stains. Added weight makes a treacherous action even worse! Even if owners or managers do hit those heights, there is no telling how their techniques will fare. Frantic wiping and friction means static cling, drawing airborne materials right back to surfaces. Ditch the DIY in favour of rubber tools and eco-friendly cleansers with a bit of help from a Gorilla.

The Gorilla Approach

In order to keep properties in their areas looking their best, our team of Gorillas offer up the option for scheduled maintenance to limit buildup and debris. In addition to environmentally conscious cleaning products and an experienced hand, each member of the Gorilla team is fully insured.

Making Way For Snow Fall

As temperatures take a turn for the low, winterizing becomes more and more important for both households and storefronts. It is easy to get caught up with prepping vehicles and weather stripping doors and windows but trickier areas are often left behind. Roofing, for example, is difficult to access and can be dangerous without the right safety tools and training. Instead of putting off treatment or taking a risk on slippery surfaces, have a Gorilla handle the tough jobs.

The Importance of a Clean Roof

Roof surfaces collect debris throughout the year but no season is as problematic as Fall. There is nothing as pretty as a landscape full of changing leaves but these views only last for a moment. Once bright colours have come and gone, property owners are left dealing with the dead and soggy debris that they leave behind. Instead of one large dumping of organics, debris falls little by little over time, layering over itself. Leaves, in particular, hold onto moisture which means even the most sensitive areas of your roof are being subjected to increased levels of moisture. This means that moss has ample opportunity to take hold and spread across roofing. This makes decking susceptible to damage, meaning unnecessary repair and even replacements.

The Advantages of Regular Roof Care

Your roof is one of the most important (and expensive) fixtures around your home or workspace. Keeping these in good condition can help to keep costs down while creating a warm and welcoming environment. At their best, roofs protect those inside from the outside elements but at their worst, rotten roofing can mean water damage, mold and even pest infestations. It is easy to assume that your roof is in good shape but without a proper view, you can never be sure. With proper, twice annual maintenance, it is possible to not only keep your surfaces clear but to keep tabs on the overall condition of your fixtures. 

By choosing professional services, clients can rest easy knowing that they are getting the best in both results and safety. Moss can make shingles slippery, meaning an already dangerous chore is that much more dangerous. All it takes is one wrong step for a trip to the hospital. Leave the worries behind and opt for professional (and fully insured) practices instead.

Tidying Up Before Tricks & Treats

With Halloween right around the corner, homes and storefronts are being decked out in scary looking decorations and spooky spiderwebs. The only thing scarier than a well-decorated house is a house that doesn’t need any decoration at all! Over time, discolouration, stains and unappealing additions build up around outdoor spaces but that doesn’t mean that your living space has to look like a haunted house. Just one Gorilla service can benefit the exterior of your home or commercial space but packages can make them look brand new again.

The Benefits of Bundling

Outdoor spaces are the unsung heroes of any property but they often don’t get the attention that they deserve. It is easy to miss buildup as it happens slowly and it is common to procrastinate with obvious stains like graffiti. Dressing up properties for the holidays gives owners, managers and even tenants a close-up of current conditions. If you are thrilled with the condition of your space, call a Gorilla to create a treatment plan that works.

Pressure Washing: A heavy hand can help to blast away stains and unwanted growth around more resilient materials. like concrete, patios or decking. Algae is a part of nature but it is important to keep it off of your property. In addition to ugly splotches across your space, algae creates slippery surfaces that can be health hazards. Don’t let unwanted organics leave your guests slipping and sliding when they can be sprayed away in one afternoon.

Soft Washing: Instead of high-pressure sprays, soft washing uses a gentler approach to clean away delicate materials. Stucco and vinyl siding might collect dirt and debris in the same way that concrete can but trying the same approach to removal can mean breakage. Clear away those cobwebs with an experienced house washing service.

Graffiti Removal: Vandalism can happen anywhere and at any time. The right type of tag might leave your space looking like an abandoned building. Don’t let ugly or offensive designs scare away guests or potential customers.

If your home or commercial space has been neglected, a mix of services can have them looking brand new again in no time at all.

Scheduled Snow Removal

As much as we hate to say it, winter is here! It might only be October but fall seems to have vanished in a flash, making way for snow fall. With heavy storms on the horizon, it is important to get ahead of the bad weather. It is no secret that certain parts of Canada see more snowfall than others but each and every province has to contend with ice and slippery surfaces. This is bad for homes but it is absolutely terrible for commercial properties. One slip and fall is enough to ruin a reputation or create major liability issues. Instead of being buried or suffering the consequences of slips, call a Gorilla for routine care of your outdoor spaces.

Say So Long to Snow

For many property owners, shovelling out sidewalks every once in a while seems like enough to keep their space safe, but this isn’t the case. Temperamental temperatures might be the norm but that doesn’t mean that they are predictable. The most common times for snow to fall are during late night or early morning hours. Getting up for work in the morning can be a real shock and most people don’t have the time to dig out their walkways. Procrastination is easy when it is cold outside. Putting off manual labour is the easiest thing that you can do but it does not take long for areas to become impassable. This is a problem for homeowners, tenants, passersby, clients and the city in general. Every city has their own by-laws about snow removal that come with hefty fines if violated. Save yourself the trouble and money by calling professional service before hand.

Any Property, Any Time

Scheduled maintenance is great for commercial spaces or more complicated areas. Parking lots and strata properties have got a lot of ground to cover, so it only makes sense to bring in the big guns. Our Gorillas are equipped with snow blowers, plows and good old fashioned elbow grease in order to get the best results possible for any space. Scheduled maintenance is not for everyone but that doesn’t mean that members of your community will be left out in the cold. The sun might come out during the day and while we are enjoying the warmth, snow is melting, only to re-freeze over night. Whether you are in need of a helping hand (or paw!) during the day, or night, that’s no problem! Our property maintenance experts offer up emergency call-out services 24 hours a day.

From Streets to Screens

There is no question that our Gorillas do good work. With in-depth training and top-notch tools, there is no stopping our property maintenance specialists when they get going. Instead of keeping these skills all to ourselves, our Gorillas are popping into homes all over North America – but don’t worry! Instead of entertaining our specialists, let us entertain you on an episode of Dragon’s Den. That’s right, our team of property-loving primates are swinging through television studios in order to make an appearance on the award-winning show.

Mark Amery, director of Feels Like Friday Brands will appear before the Dragons October 17th on CBS. Amery braves Dragon fire in order to represent Gorilla Property Services and their sister brands. Championing a multi-pronged approach to property maintenance works to better serve communities by caring for their work and living spaces. Instead of getting stage fright, our Gorilla team members are happy to get up in front of those Dragons and show them what we’re worth.

If you are already a Feels Like Friday Client or are just a Gorilla enthusiast, make sure to tune to see exactly what makes our brands, services and staff members so special.

The 4 W’s of Gutter Cleaning

There are plenty of things to consider as Summer rolls into Fall, not the least of which is home maintenance.  In order to keep your property in good condition throughout the year, gutter cleaning is a must. The “why” of cleaning out gutters is obvious, but the “how” and “when” can be tricky. Instead of struggling to find answers and techniques, have a Gorilla handle your perimeter drains instead.

Cleaning Clogs & Busting Blockages

Why: A clear drainage system is vital to keeping homes and businesses running. Organic debris and cast-off falls from surrounding plant life and onto rooftops. It doesn’t take long for opened drains to fill up. This means that rain. snow melt and other moisture cannot pass through. Sitting water attracts bugs, puts additional weight on fixtures, and softens construction materials, meaning damage.

When: There is never a bad time to have a Gorilla take a look at your drainage system, but our experts are busiest during Fall months. Going into Winter with a clogged system means snow melt has nowhere to go. With more and more moisture being introduced into systems, there is a greater chance of water damage, leaks and mold.

What: Blockages and clogs are made up of mostly organics and will depend on what plant types are lining your property. The prime culprits are leaves and twigs but needles, seed pods and even pinecones can all become lodged into drains and downspouts.

Where: Gorillas can handle residential, commercial and strata properties. Gutters line roofing, so they can be difficult to reach. With the right tools, it is possible to reach these heights without the threat of slips and falls.

Choosing Local Service

Larger, more corporate property maintenance firms might advertise well but choosing local has its advantages. When going Gorilla for your property maintenance, clients can expect timely service and expert results. Our specialists love their work and want to show it off! Instead of leaving our clients in the dark, Gorillas provide digital before and after photos.

Sayonara, Spray Paint!

Our Gorillas are always busy but it is graffiti removal that keeps us going. Out of all the services that our experts offer, graffiti vandalism is our most common call-out, and it is no wonder why! Whether you live in a small town or a big city, spray paint is sold just about everywhere. Any hardware or department store might as well be an art store for street artists and any blank wall is a canvas. Luckily for property owners, our Gorillas are ready to swing into action, eliminating paint new and old, for both first time callers and repeat clients.

Understanding Stains

Having graffiti splashed across your property isn’t just a stain, it is a message. Leaving paint to sit on surfaces allows visitors or potential customers to go by unsightly tags or designs, and that might just encourage them to keep walking! A drop in curb appeal or offensive marks are enough to encourage quick action but the trick to getting results is to call in the professionals! Instead of just getting rid of paint, our experts remove overspray, shadowing and help to prevent paint from coming back. The first step to getting results is to properly understand what you are up against. There are plenty of types of spray paints for artists to choose from, but they don’t shy away from more crude techniques – like permanent marker! Some of these are water soluble while others require a heavy hand. Being able to diagnose the type of paint that you are dealing with goes a long way to proper removal.

The longer that paint sits, the deeper down into façades that it goes. This makes it increasingly difficult to get rid of – but not for our Gorillas. After years in the industry, our specialists can assess your property and come up with a game plan that works. If you are a property owner or manager, you want the quickest process and the best results – that means calling a Gorilla.

The Gorilla Approach

The wrong approach to paint removal can mean bleeding and extensions of the stain itself. Our Gorillas don’t take any chances with improper removal but have created a system that works. Treating affected areas with a Gorilla foaming cleanser lifts and loosens easy to remove surface stains. Once these are brushed away, Gorillas get to work! Pressure washers are used to dig deep into hard surfaces in order to get rid of ground-in paint but the crowing jewel of our spray paint removal is an anti-graffiti coating. There is no way to completely stop graffiti vandalism from occurring but this simple addition can make it a much simpler process.

Sign Up For Soft Washing

A clean space can mean a fresh start but that doesn’t mean that you have to move! If your property is looking beat up or run down, let our Gorillas supply a clean slate with our soft washing services. Soft washing or house washing is used to strip years of dirt, grime and mildew from homes, businesses and strata properties without the risk of damage. A heavy-handed approach to outdoor cleaning can mean unnecessary damage or even bodily harm. Instead of taking the risk, get the most out of your construction materials with a bit of help from the professionals.

More Than Meets the Eye

The most common culprits of stains and discolourations around properties are dirt and organic growth. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, algae, moss and mold do not need much help in taking root across properties. All it takes is a bit of moisture for one small patch to form and before you know it, you are being overrun with unwanted growth. If left to sit, these splotches spread and become dangerous. Algae, for example, holds moisture against construction materials, meaning breakage and unnecessary repairs.

As a whole, property maintenance is complicated and full of moving parts, not the least of which is house washing. Now, this does not mean that this service is reserved for residential houses, but it can be applied to walls, decks, patios and exterior spaces everywhere. Instead of using high-pressure sprays to dig deep into cracks and crevices, low pressure sprays are the better option. A lighter touch allows water to carry disinfectant cleansers into dips and grooves. An expert hand can then spray away stains, leave your space looking brand new.

Getting Results

For many property owners, washing walls is a matter of pointing and shooting but this just isn’t the case. In order to get the right results, our Gorillas inspect, treat and inspect areas again! By attacking algae and discolourations in a multi-step process, homes and businesses are left looking their best.

Dealing With Dryer Debris

There are plenty of tasks to keep up with around multi-unit properties – so much so, that many of them are neglected throughout the day. For the most part, forgotten chores might mean a minor inconvenience for property owners or managers but some are more dangerous than others. Dryer lint might not seem like a health hazard but clogged vents around laundry rooms increase risk of illness and even fires.

Limiting Lint Build Up

With every load of laundry that passes through your appliances, bits of lint and other debris are left behind. Much of this debris is trapped within mesh lint traps but these screens can’t catch everything. The average household clothes dryer collects bits and pieces here and there, but heavy-duty use means more vigilance. Shared laundry facilities like those in apartments, condos, assisted living centres, hotels and even schools go through dozens of wash loads per day. The more loads, the more lint, the more strain on your appliances. Just because you can’t see buildup, doesn’t mean that it isn’t there.

What makes lint so dangerous is that it collects silently in hard to reach places. Even when traps are cleaned and the coast looks clear, blockages are still there. Dryer ducts and vents aren’t made up of completely smooth surfaces, which means damp dust and lint can stick and collect to sides. This makes your dryer vents ticking time bombs. As air becomes unable to circulate, mold forms in damp areas, Make life easier on your appliances, your lungs and on your wallet by calling in a Gorilla today.

Keeping Communities Clean

Instead of pushing blockages and clogs out of your minds, have a Gorilla push them out of your system all together. Our unique brand of dryer vent cleaning digs deep into systems in order to remove hidden blockages and buildup completely. In addition to sucking up clogs, the sides of ducts are also scrubbed clean to make sure that debris doesn’t start collecting again right away. For the right result that lasts longer, look no further than your friendly neighbourhood Gorilla.

Reinforcing Roofing

No one wants to admit that summer is coming to an end. While Canadians are trying to soak up those last days of sunlight and high temperatures, there are heavy-duty chores lurking just around the corner. That chill in the evening air might make property owners grab a sweater, but they should be grabbing a phone and booking appointments with our Gorillas. One of the toughest aspects of property maintenance are roofing needs. It is necessary to handle these high-up hassles but it is also dangerous without the right training and equipment. Tasks like DIY roof cleaning, moss removal and gutter cleaning are demanding and can mean slips and falls – so call a Gorilla instead!

The Consequences of a Cluttered Roof

Roofs are easy to ignore – after all, out of sight, out of mind. As roof maintenance falls to the bottom of the to-do list, organic debris is piling up on surfaces and inside perimeter drains. Leaves, sticks, seed pods and tree needles don’t seem like a threat from the outside, but even small items can mean big damage.

Roof Cleaning: Roofs are designed to stand up to the elements but they still need to be maintained. The obvious issue with a cluttered roof is the visual appeal – or lack of it! A blanket of debris makes your home or workplace look sloppy but it can also lead to structural damage. Organics hold onto moisture, trapping it against roofing surfaces. This puts pressure on shingling but it also paves the way for moss growth.

Moss Removal: Moss is beneficial out in nature but in the city, it is nothing but trouble. Moss is known as an invasive plant because it doesn’t stick to one area, but spreads as far as it can. If left unattended, this growth weaves over and under shingles and wears away at materials underneath. This means costly replacements of framework and decking.

Gutter Cleaning: The majority of perimeter drains are made up of a mix of both opened and enclosed areas. Opened areas let debris in while closed spaces keep blockages hidden. Over time, drains become heavier and can pull away from fixtures, causing damage. Damp, full gutters are also the perfect place for pests to call home. Avoid property damage and an infestation by calling in a Gorilla.

Don’t Wait For The Worst-Case Scenario

In order to keep your property running smoothly, our experts recommend twice annual service, in the spring and fall months. This level of care prevents unwelcome surprises and unnecessary damage. Each and every Gorilla is fully insured for property damage and bodily harm, so all that’s left for property owners to do is to sit back and watch their vision come to life.

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