Looking Ahead to Winter

It is hard to think about low temperatures and snow fall while the July sun is still shining. While you are soaking up rays, winter days are creeping closer, and a bit of preparation goes a long way. The last days of summer are the ideal time to create a plan for a slippery or snowy future for your home or commercial space. Calling in a Gorilla can help to manage extreme weather with single call-outs, emergency services or regularly scheduled snow removal and salting. Get ahead of the problem before it becomes one!

The Benefits of Professional Care

In Canada, it can be tough to keep up with changing weather patterns – particularly in winter. Certain parts of the country can expect heavy rains, while for others, snow is just a part of the landscape. Properties come in all shapes and sizes but they all collect snow fall. Snow accumulation happens differently in each place. Condo or co-op owners might only have to worry about a single sidewalk per unit, but managers are required to provide more in-depth care. Take the sting out of winter by working with snow removal specialists.

Preparation: Gorillas are trained to watch the skies and that sets us apart from the competition. Instead of dealing with whatever falls from above, our experts monitor weather reports and storm fronts. By knowing what exactly is coming in, Gorillas can create a schedule that keeps clients from getting buried. Routinely serviced spaces can have snow cleared away before you even know it has fallen.

Equipment: Different areas require different methods to get expert results. Some areas might require shovels while blowers or plows are needed for larger spaces like parking lots. This might sound complicated but the good news is that our Gorillas come prepared! Experts are outfitted with all the necessary tools to keep your space looking its best.

Cost: Not everyone has snow plows or blowers tucked away in the garage. These items take up time and money, not only to purchase up front but to maintain as well. No matter how well you take care of it, machinery has a shelf life. Calling in a professional service means you get all the access without any of the upkeep. Gorilla Property Services offers competitive pricing and expert results so your snow removal and salting doesn’t have to break the bank!

Getting A Leg Up On Graffiti

Summer months mean warmer weather and longer days. This also means that there is plenty more opportunities for graffiti artists to leave their mark on homes and businesses across Canada. Depending on your location, you might be dealing with the odd tag every few years or so, but for most, spray paint is a repeat performance. The experts at Gorilla Property Services care about their communities and that is why they have a system for getting properties clean and free of ugly or offensive vandalism.

The Gorilla Difference

There are plenty of theories as to the best way to tackle stubborn paint stains but these can often be more harm than good. Instant results might make DIY seem like a good idea but proper graffiti removal is both a sprint and a marathon.

Careful & Conscious Removal: Harsh or heavy handed treatment methods can leave just as ugly a mark as graffiti itself. When providing proper care for paint removal, it is important to address the stain, the material underneath it and the surrounding areas as well. Sometimes the only way to get rid of paint is with a bit of force, like a pressure washer. Aiming one of these at aged, delicate or weakened surfaces can cause breakage, crumbling or even cuts and bruises (if you aim it at a person, of course). Gorillas inspect every aspect of a property before firing up a motor. While our cleansing and disinfecting agents are eco-friendly, it is still important to protect water inlets. FLOGUARD technology prevents run off from entering water systems and eliminates the risk of contamination.

Prevention Methods: There is no way to stop street artists from choosing your space as a blank canvas. It is unfortunate but it is the truth. Instead of waiting for another paint job, our Gorillas are proactive. After every completed removal, experts treat surfaces with an anti-graffiti topcoat. This application makes future removals much easier, cutting down on time and costs for owners without sacrificing results.

Don’t get stuck with paint bleeding or shadowing when a Gorilla offers complete removal at a competitive rate.

How A Gorilla Can Help Sell Your Property

No matter where you are in Canada, the cost of properties seem to just keep going up. Every day, the real estate market is being flooded with new listings, so it can be hard to set your home apart. In a competitive climate, every bit counts and that is why our Gorillas are here to help. If your regular property maintenance hasn’t been so regular, a full-service Gorilla clean up can help your listing put its best foot forward. Getting your home looking its best improves curb appeal but it can also speed up home inspections and add value to your listing.

Common Areas for Concern

When purchasing a property, potential buyers are taught to look for a few key factors before committing to a space:

Roofs: Roofs are one of the most important parts of any property. They are a safety and security measure but they are also a very expensive replacement or repair when necessary. When they are cared for regularly, a roof can last decades but if they are neglected, they might only last half this time. Potential buyers don’t want to commit to an extra expense! Having a roof cleaning and moss removal before listing can offer up a great visual and allow for proper assessment of the condition of your roof. If surfaces are buried in clutter or covered in moss, home inspectors cannot properly see what they are dealing with.

Invasive Growth: Moss is a real problem when trying to sell your home. Moss, algae and mold are known to spread quickly over homes all across Canada – and they tend to take over! Algae can damage hard materials like concrete driveways and retaining walls, creating another obstacle for potential buyers. Have a Gorilla treat these areas with pressure washing or more delicate materials like stucco or vinyl siding with soft washing.

Windows: Replacing windows is expensive and it can be a huge inconvenience. Property maintenance specialists suggest having windows professionally cleaned twice annually but this isn’t always the case. Even if you have missed out on the last few cleanings, it is not too late to improve the look and condition of your windows. A crystal clear view, along with streak-free clean can improve the outlook from those inside and out.

Whether you are looking to sell your home or are staying put, there is never a bad time to increase property values. Giving new life to your property is difficult all on your own, but our Gorillas make it a breeze.

Getting Ahead of Damage & Repairs

It doesn’t take much for a home to look run down. A bit of roof damage, moss growth and clouded windows can create all the appeal of a haunted house while graffiti invites more street artists and vandalism. With a hectic work schedule and personal life, not many property owners have the time, patience or ability to keep up with it all. Even a bit of neglect can mean big issues down the road, so opt for professional service instead. Regularly scheduled maintenance can help with visuals but it can also save you money and protect your property from unnecessary wear.

Protect Your Investment From The Ground Up

Homes and commercial properties are up against a lot and no one knows that better than Canadians. We have harsh winters, hot summers and more wildlife that can be dealt with. Each of these takes its own toll on residential and commercial spaces. To keep structures standing tall and operations running smoothly, it is important to consider taking care of properties from the sidewalk, all the way to the shingles.

Gutters & Roofing: These tough to reach areas are easy to ignore but they are an extremely important part of any property. Clogged gutters invite weakened materials, water damage, leaks, flooding and even insect infestation. Cluttered roofs look horrible and make way for moss. Invasive growth can soften important construction materials and destroy shingles, meaning expensive – and often avoidable – repairs.

Exterior Surfaces: A bit of moss here or algae there might not seem like the end of the world but this is more than just basic staining. Don’t let heavy materials like concrete fool you, they are still vulnerable. Moisture can sink into pores, degrading concrete, stucco and wood while amateur removal can cause even more damage.

Windows & Walls: Stained or streaked windows can have a negative impact on lighting, energy bills, and visual appeal. It is important not to doubt the appeal of curb appeal, especially when it comes to graffiti. Along with bad visuals, both of these issues mean damage over time. Spray paint bakes deeper into the façades of structures over time, while windows become weakened and more vulnerable to breakage.

Choosing Gorilla for your regular maintenance needs prevents the threat of major damage by both keeping an eye on the conditions of materials and wiping away unwanted build-up. Our local experts know what your property needs and knows how to get it there safely and efficiently.

Boosting Curb Appeal

Most people associate curb appeal with realtors but you don’t need to be selling your house to appreciate a clean and welcoming property. Owners and managers are always trying to make the best impression – well, now our Gorillas make it easy! Proper equipment and techniques make it possible to tackle stains that are natural, manmade or downright otherworldly. In addition to leaving properties looking their best, our experts help to extend the lifespan of construction materials, meaning better results at a better rate.

Gorilla Services: More Than Just The Surface

Whether you are tackling an unattached home, multi-unit property or commercial space, structures and yards are made up of many different materials. Sidewalks, driveways and paving stones require pressure washing; stucco and vinyl siding demand soft washing and vandalism calls for graffiti removal.

Graffiti Removal: Graffiti is often ugly, offensive and sends the wrong message to passersby. Instead of letting paint sit, Gorillas rev up service vehicles to remove spray paint as soon as possible. This quick approach, combined with eco-friendly cleansers, brushes and pressure washers can strip away even the most stubborn of stains. The longer that paint sits, the deeper imbedded the stain becomes. Baked in discolourations are no match for a Gorilla. Our experts will go as far as paint matching to cover up any shadows or residuals marks left behind.

Pressure Washing: Managing unwanted growth can be a full-time job for property owners or managers. Over time, algae, moss and mildew can degrade materials from the inside out. Simply blasting away at these areas with high-pressure sprays can cause more harm than good. Every Gorilla is trained to maneuver these power tools safely, without breakage, leaving behind only a squeaky clean view.

Soft Washing: While pressure washing uses force, soft washing is a gentler approach to a great looking structure. Delicate materials like stucco are textured, so they trap and hold dirt. The soft washing process digs deep into cracks, crevices and grooves to dig out the cause and symptoms of discolourations.

The Gorilla approach to improving curb appeal provides Canadian communities at every layer, creating a welcoming environment for visitors, clients and owners themselves.

Going Gorilla For Dryer Vent Cleaning

Every property owner knows that there are some chores that they can handle themselves and that there are others better left for the professionals. Dryer vent cleaning is one of those maintenance tasks better outsourced to the experts and your area. Cleaning vents is dirty, eats up time and, without the right training, is difficult to perform. Instead of suffering through clogs and blockages, call a Gorilla to clear out problem areas.

The Downside of DIY

The inside of a dryer vent is not smooth but has plenty of places for debris to collect. Sure, every clothes dryer is outfitted with a lint trap but a mesh screen can only get you so far. With every cycle, bits of lint and debris sneak passed traps and become lodged in your system, creating health and fire hazards and limiting the ability of your appliance. There’s no question that banishing blocks is a necessary evil, so why not do it yourself? Without the right tools, there is no way to properly clean around corners or be sure that blockages are dealt with.

Calling in a Gorilla for your dryer vent cleaning means expert results, delivered quickly and professionally. Most DIY vent and duct cleaning services involve dusters or rags that only scratch the surface of build up. Instead of temporary relief, our Gorillas provide a deep-down clean by using specialty vacuums and tools to not only remove clogs but to scrub vents clean. This added touch ensures that problem areas don’t attract new dirt, so your system stays cleaner for longer.

Multi-unit living spaces are increasingly possible all over Canada. Apartment buildings and condo complexes might save space but they still need to keep up with amenities and demand. Routine Gorilla services keep your property running smoothly and avoids the risk associated with dryer fires and other health risks.

Dirty Windows: More Than Meets The Eye

It is easy to be distracted by dirty windows, especially while spring is in full bloom. If you are having trouble seeing through cloudy or stained windows, let a Gorilla swing in to save the day. Distorted visuals might be the reason that most property owners call in professional window cleaning but routine maintenance means so much more. Proper care can extend the lifespan of your windows, cutting costs and driving up curb appeal.

The Affects of Dirty Windows

The most noticeable by-product of dirty windows is a distorted view but sitting dirt and debris can cause actual damage as well. It is easy to forget that glass is a porous material, but as foreign items sit on surfaces, they are actually seeping into the pores of the panes themselves. This leaves windows weakened and susceptible to breakage. More than just the panes themselves, degrading can impact sills and frames as well. As temperatures get warmer, more and more Canadians are leaning on air conditioners for support. If your framing is in bad condition, you can be sending money right out the window – literally!

Choosing Professional Care

Hiring on a professional window cleaning service means that your fixtures are cleaned safely and properly, from corner to corner. Amateur window washing techniques can produce static cling and harsh cleansers can wear down on surfaces themselves. Instead of taking unnecessary risks, Gorillas use eco-friendly disinfectant cleansers, along with specialized tools, designed to get results that last. Rubber squeegees can eliminate cling on ground floor windows while water-fed poles (or Tucker poles) can reach windows up to 4 storeys high. Don’t worry though – even at these heights, safety is a top priority. Each and every Gorilla is trained and equipped with top of the line safety tools and insurance, so clients always have peace of mind.

Rain & Shine Roof Cleaning

Spring showers are great for plant life and greenery but not all growth sticks to gardens. Homes and businesses across Canada are dealing with moss, algae and mold on a daily basis. It is possible to power wash away ground floor issues, but your roof is a different story. Many properties are unable to reach these complicated areas but our Gorillas aren’t afraid to hit these heights. A clutter-free roof helps build up curb appeal while a moss-free environment preserves conditions and extend the lifespan of materials.

What To Expect From Spring

The spring season brings on an obvious change in weather patterns. We’re talking rain, wind, unexpected drops in temperature and, of course, sprinklings of sunshine. Bad weather has a habit of dislodging organic materials, left and right. Leaves, sticks, branches, needles and pine cones clutter up surfaces. This blanket of debris makes roofs look terrible but there are also more sinister consequences lurking underneath. Moisture gets trapped under layers, creating the perfect environment for moss to grow. Moss weaves itself under, over and around shingles, causing damage without being noticed – until it is too late, that is. Regular maintenance helps prevent damage, as well as unnecessary repairs and replacements.

Because moss spreads silently across roofing, our Gorillas recommend a roof cleaning and moss removal every spring. For optimal results, twice annual services should be performed once in spring and once in fall, in order to keep debris from piling up. Climbing up to a roof is risky business so it should be left to the pros. Gorillas arrive on-scene with state of the art safety equipment – and insurance! – to protect both your property and our technicians.

Staying on the ground does not mean that you are going to be left out of the loop! Before and after photos allow clients to be a part of the process, while being able to see results in real time.

Choosing The Right Graffiti Removal

Graffiti can be found in every city across Canada. Street art is on display in every major city but unwanted designs are present in small towns as well. Because of how common graffiti is, plenty of property owners have taken to hiring teams to peel back paint and remove stains. As with any property maintenance service, it is important to do your homework. Choosing the wrong firm can mean subpar results or even make the situation worse. How is this possible? We’re glad you asked.

Shadowing: The longer that paint sits against surfaces, the more difficult it is to remove. For those stains that have been sitting for long periods, regular methods just won’t work. The wrong removal system can not only define designs more completely but leave them there permanently. In the right hands, a pressure washer can be a useful tool for paint removal but when set too high, these sprays strip away protective coatings, damage materials and result in permanent shadowing.

Paint Bleeding: Many inexperienced graffiti services will reach for harsh tools such as paint thinners. These thinners are primarily used to fix spills on hard surfaces like concrete. When applied to aerosol paints, however, these chemicals loosen paint, allowing it to drip down surfaces, widening the stain. Extended stains worsen visuals, take more time to fix overall and can allow stains to soak into even more difficult areas, such as cracks, crevices and textures.

Overspray: Because of their construction, spray paints put out an initial, concentrated colour spray but they also expel smaller flecks of paint around it. Inexperienced removal will often treat obvious designs but ignore the surrounding areas. This method leaves behind discolouration that can make surfaces look dingy.

When you choose Gorilla Property Services, you have access to all the best in technology, tools, experience and training. With a network of peers behind us that stretches clear across the country, there is nothing that can surprise a Gorilla. When you are ready for the best in care and results, just contact a local graffiti removal specialist.

Graffiti Removal

Gorilla Populations on the Rise

All over Canada, our Gorilla experts are becoming more and more popular. With services available at all hours and during all seasons, it is important to keep up with demand. It is because of this that the Gorilla team is always growing. Property owners in the Regina region and Etobicoke area no longer have to struggle with routine maintenance, they can rely on our newest franchise partners instead. Our team of property maintenance specialists are happy to welcome Darrel and Alex to the Gorilla family.

Services in Saskatchewan

Unpredictable weather patterns in Saskatchewan are enough to keep property owners working constantly. After a long day of work, it can be difficult to face hours of snow clearing or scrubbing stains from exterior surfaces. Luckily for homeowners in the Region area, Darrell and his team of highly trained Gorillas like to keep busy! Our professional property maintenance services offer everything from window cleaning to soft washing in order to leave homes and businesses in the Regina area looking their best.

On-Call in Ontario

The Greater Toronto Area is a bustling and busy area, so there are always things to do. Local Gorilla franchise partner, Alex is local to the Etobicoke area and understands the ins and outs of maintenance needs. Graffiti, for example, is a growing trend in and around the area, but Alex and his team have all the tools and know-how to keep surfaces clean. In addition to keeping exterior spaces clean, experienced Gorillas can treat weather-related obstacles like cluttered roofs or clogged gutters in order to preserve the condition of homes and commercial properties.When you want to best results for your property maintenance, there is always a Gorilla available in your area. As our team grows, Canadian property owners have more and more access to professional services, all across the country.

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