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Creating a safe space for our clients is top priority for our team and that is why Gorilla Property Services will remain open for business as usual. During the Covid-19 pandemic, members of the Gorilla team are operating in accordance with government safety protocols to provide homes, commercial spaces and multi-unit properties with necessary care.

March 26, 2020

The Importance of Keeping Things Clean

All across the world, bacteria is enemy #1. As cold and flu season comes around again, it is more important than ever to scrub exterior spaces, creating clean environments for tenants, guests, customers or friends and family. Even when you can’t see buildup, there are still harmful germs sitting nearby.

Covering your nose during a cough or sneeze can limit the amount of exposure to bacteria but there are plenty of other ways to transmit germs. For example, simply using a door handle can mean unknowingly picking up tons of bacteria. It is common enough to clean these areas with disinfectant sprays or wipes but walls and other exterior surfaces are more difficult to clean.

Calling in a property maintenance expert for your exterior maintenance and care means tackling even the toughest areas and the most sensitive materials. Taking an ordinary scrub brush and basic cleansers to tough textures like stucco or stubborn stains on concrete, will not get the results that you want. Opting for professional care means getting the best results for soft washing and pressure washing needs, with an eco-friendly edge.

Proper Outdoor Cleaning Practices

Whether you are running a business or are just looking to create a safe home environment, proper cleaning practices are key. Construction materials are built tough to withstand the elements but they are still vulnerable to power tools like pressure washers. These high-powered machines are great for certain areas but can cause large-scale damage to others.

Pressure Washing: This method uses high-pressure sprays and is best suited for harder, more durable materials like concrete. Even a single treatment can wash away years of build-up and even dangerous, invasive growth like algae. Algae creates slippery surfaces, paving the way for dangerous slips and falls. Blast it away with a careful approach and the right technique.

Soft Washing: House washing means dealing with multiple construction materials with all sort of textures to contend with. Whether it is stucco, siding or just an aging area, low-flow sprays are able to treat these areas, leaving them looking better than ever. More than just visual appeal, digging deep into these areas means eliminating ground-in dirt, mildew and bacteria.

Pre-Winter Preparation

The end of summer brings on first frosts and a long list of household to-dos. From back to school shopping to building up winter wardrobes and holiday prep, the needs of your home or property tend to take a back seat. Instead of scrambling to tackle last minute jobs or dealing with the consequences of neglect, call a Gorilla to organize, plan and treat homes, commercial spaces or multi-unit properties.

After years in the industry, our experts have property maintenance and care down to a science. It isn’t possible to “beat” the elements but there is a right way and a wrong way to get the job done. A properly balanced schedule and the right treatment technique can help to prolong the lifespan of your materials, boost your curb appeal and cut costs on unnecessary or premature repairs and replacements.

Where to Focus Before Winter

Whether you are centrally located or are at home on the coast, North American winters are tough. In addition to freezing temperatures, property owners have to deal with excessive moisture, slippery surfaces and invasive growth.

Dealing with Damp: Whether it is rain in the Fall or frost, condensation or snow melt, wet is a reality around exteriors. Tougher construction materials are built to withstand difficult weather but even concrete and roofing need a bit of help. The most common culprits for invasive growth are moss and algae. Moss commonly takes hold of roof surfaces, weaving in, under and around shingling, damaging roofing and paving the way for water damage. Professional roof cleaning takes a gentle approach to moss removal. This service should be applied at least once per year in order to keep clutter to a minimum.

Getting Rid of Growth: A non-abrasive approach might help to remove moss from traditional roofing but harder surfaces on the ground require a tougher approach. Algae takes hold on harder surfaces, coating concrete and creating slippery surfaces. This is a danger to tenants, guests and customers, but pressure washing can help.

Grappling with Gutters: The purpose of an eavestrough or gutter system is to transport excess water away from sensitive areas, keeping structures in great condition. When gutters become clogged, sitting water weighs down fixtures and leaves water to sit against vulnerable materials, weakening, softening and ultimately damaging them.

Instead of focusing on one area, property owners have the option of bundling services together, in order to get the best results for your home, commercial or multi-unit space.

Scheduled Snow Removal & Salting Services

Winter weather has a tendency to creep up. It might only feel like a matter of days between your last beach day and needing to scrape frost off your windshield. No matter how much you bundle when those temperatures drop, no one is ready for the year’s first heavy snow fall – and the same can be said for your property.

With sporadic cold snaps and large dumps of snow, it can feel impossible to keep on top of accumulation, but hiring a professional snow removal service can help. A surprise snow fall can mean calling in emergency services but scheduled care can help to keep high-traffic areas running smoothly.

Understanding Your Responsibilities

Local governments and city services might provide snow clearing services for public areas and communal property but privately owned spaces are responsible for keeping their own spaces clean. More so than only focusing on snow, ice needs to be taken care of as well.

Impassable walkways or slippery surfaces are subject to both by-laws and issues of liability. Some property owners will go their entire lives without violating a by-law but some are not as lucky. It can be easy to let things slip and without proper knowledge of the rules in your region, an accidental violation can occur, resulting in heavy fines and a whole lot of headache.

By-laws are in place in order to keep people safe. Wading through knee-high snow can lead to sprains, strains, general annoyance -and soaked shoes! In order to keep spaces safe and passable, regular removal needs to happen, as well as salting for those slippery areas. Avoid hassle and personal injury by having a Gorilla handle your winter maintenance needs.

Customized Care

Depending on your region and the size of your property, our team of experts are able to provide a long list of accessible tools and techniques to keep your home or commercial space running smoothly. From larger areas to more simple spaces like single walkways, there is nothing that our specialists can’t handle.

In order to get the best results for our clients, Gorillas monitor incoming weather patterns, anticipating the needs of their communities. Instead of being blindsided, our experts are hard at work creating treatment plans and schedules designed to care for homes, retail and industrial properties and even complicated areas like condo complexes. Help keep your customers happy and tenants on their feet with a bit of help from a Gorilla!

Collecting Clutter

With Summer days coming to a close, it is time for property owners to start thinking about seasonal maintenance. Warmer weather has likely seen the need for continued lawn maintenance but roofing likely hasn’t gotten much attention. There are plenty of reasons that roofing is ignored but the most obvious is heights. Whether climbing a single storey or higher, slips and falls are a reality – so leave it to the pros!

The main culprit in roof damage is moss but this invasive growth does not just happen overnight. In order to keep your home, commercial or multi-unit space in good shape, regular roof care is a must. Whether clearing clutter or managing moss, there is a right way and a wrong way to get things done. Avoid unnecessary damage by leaving the heavy lifting to an experienced Gorilla.

What is Hiding Out Under Clutter?

Roof clutter is one of those unavoidable facts of life. Depending on the type of plant life around your space, you can expect everything from a full dump of leaves during Fall to needles and pine cones through the Summer. Organics are dependent on moisture to survive and that doesn’t stop just because they’ve fallen off.

As organic castoff sits on surfaces, it holds onto moisture, creating a damp, inviting space for mold to take hold. Instead of staying in one place, invasive growth likes to spread itself across surfaces, weaving over and under shingling until it reaches the vulnerable areas underneath. Even a bit of neglect can damage decking, leading to leaks, water damage, mold and flooding.

While moss might cause softening and damage all on its own, that is nothing compared to the damage caused by improper removal techniques. The most common tool for amateur removal are metal, wire brushes. These might pull up the beginnings of growth but it also tugs at softened materials, creating hole for water and even pests to sneak into.

Avoid the Worst Case with Routine Care

By opting for twice annual roof treatments, property owners can keep their homes and workplaces in good standing, all year long. The right approach comes along with a proper assessment. Experienced technicians know what to look for when treating roofing. From aged materials to softened surfaces, our experts can spot vulnerable areas, avoiding unnecessary damage.

Instead of simply moving debris from one area to another, clutter is collected and bagged, leaving properties as fresh as ever. More than just great results, fully insured service provides peace of mind to clients.

The Right Tools For Window Cleaning

Everyone wants sparkling clean glass but getting there is an uphill battle. Between natural debris, man-made stains and bird droppings, there is always something obstructing your view. More than just offering a glimpse into the outside world, clean panes can help to regulate lighting and heat, keeping costs down and tenants happy!

One of the biggest obstacles that property owners have when it comes to cleaning windows, is heights. It is easy enough to wipe down panes at the ground level but as soon as a ladder is added to the mix, it makes a world of difference. When you want the best for your glass, it is important to consider both the process and the results:

The Right Process: It is easy to pop up up on tip-toes to reach the windows of a front room or kneel down to clean away a patio door. Plenty of property owners are perfectly fine with using a kitchen step ladder to reach upper areas but anything more than this can be dangerous. For homes or commercial properties that have multiple levels, a basic ladder can get you up high enough but there is no guarantee that you will be safe when you are up there. Professional window washing services use stand-offs and attachments to ensure that our technicians are safe every step of the way.

The Right Results: Basic blue glass cleaners are a dime a dozen and there are even more DIY recipes for cleaners available online. As much as you might want to tackle your washing needs with a natural oil and vinegar based approach, this isn’t always the way to get results. Even with a heavy-duty glass cleaner, the wrong technique can render all of your hard work useless. The friction of wiping back and forth creates static cling that draws airborne debris right back to surfaces.

The Gorilla Tool Kit

Professional service means highly-trained staff and a wide range of tools, specially designed for each service type. The key to clean and happy windows is rubber. Initially, this might sound strange but rubber neutralizes static. Using a rubber squeegee eliminates static and is able to dig deep into edges and angles, pulling out even the most stubborn debris.

When it comes to hitting those heights, water-fed extendable poles are used to scrub surfaces up to four storeys. More than just focusing on glass alone, our Gorillas treat window frames and sills as well. Eco-friendly cleansers strip away years of buildup and debris, all while being sensitive to the environment.

Graffiti : Art Vs. Annoyance

Since the 1970’s, street art has moved to the forefront of the art world, marrying culture and colour to create beautiful murals all across the world. Some of these might be outdoors on commission, as a part of a festival or might be done on canvas for a gallery showing, but they are different than the unwanted paint jobs seen on the street.

For graffiti artists, every blank wall is a new canvas. It may be a public building, a billboard, or a train car but more often than not, these paint jobs fall on the sides of homes and businesses. Tons of property owners are keen to spruce up their space but tags and offensive designs are not the way to do it.

Tags: For many street artists, a tag is not only their signature – it is their brand. Some vandals are after quantity instead of quality. This can mean having small marks splashed across tons of properties while others are large, colourful and can take up whole walls. More than being ugly, tags invite competition. Artists are creative but they also like to claim territory. One tag will attract another and another – and another! – until you are dealing with layers of tough-to-remove-paint.

Offensive Symbols/Designs: Plenty of vandalism is done purely for shock value. Some vandals are out to prove a point or make a statement and this is often done through offensive text or designs. These are not only ugly but they can ruin the first impression that your property has on the outside world. A bad reputation is bad for homes but it is even worst for businesses. Hateful patterns can drive business away, ruining your sales day and making life more difficult than it needs to be.

Places to Paint

Instead of fighting street art, some communities are leaning in! Community graffiti walls are popping up from coast to coast, displaying local talent in a controlled way, but when paint spills out of these areas and onto your property, it takes a Gorilla to get it off.

One of the best aspects of a Gorilla-Grade clean is that it is done in a multi-step, environmentally friendly approach. Eco-friendly cleansers and disinfectants break down obvious surface stains, allowing experts to assess the severity of your stains underneath. From here, the right tool for the job is chosen, whether it be a pressure washer or a new paint job, our highly-trained crews get the best results every time.

Expanding the Gorilla Empire

What started out as a small run of graffiti removal vehicles has become an army of property maintenance experts. As our roster of services has expanded, so have our territories! Our Gorillas span coast to coast across North America and are now calling Barrie, Ontario – home!

Meet the Newest Gorillas

Crissy and Pam are the newest members of the Gorilla family. These brand new owners and operators are committed to getting the best results for residential and commercial properties in their area. Throughout Barrie and its surrounding areas, fluctuating temperatures and pressures leave their mark on exterior spaces. Instead of learning to live with discolouration or damage, let an expert handle it for you!

Experience and the right level of care can make all the difference to the look and condition of properties at any season. Proper cleanings are not reserved for springtime anymore! Even the most troublesome chores can be handled during sunshine or rainy seasons with an emphasis on snow and ice removal in the winter.

Choosing a locally owned and operated company for your property maintenance needs means access to timely service as well as after care and a customer guarantee. Each member of the Gorilla team is committed to providing eco-friendly care with naturally-based cleaners and disinfectants.

Barrie is home to thousands of properties, all of which depend on proper maintenance. Instead of struggling to keep up with demands around homes or commercial properties, you can rely on a Gorilla to get the job done right.

Preparing for a Property Sale

In the real estate world, curb appeal is everything. While some potential buyers are quick to snatch up “fixer-uppers” while others expect turn-key sales. If you are looking to sell a property. our Gorillas can treat your space and structures with a top-to-bottom overhaul. From a quick touch-up to a complete removal of moss and buildup, our experts can treat homes, commercial spaces and multi-unit properties.

Simple Steps Make All the Difference

Routine care keeps properties running smoothly over long periods but a fresh start can make a world of difference. Whether you are looking to sell or are just wanting to add value to your current space, there is a service that can fit your needs.

Surface Cleaning: Sometimes all that it takes to leave structures looking like new is a mix of water sprays and environmentally friendly cleansers and disinfectants. This means everything from pressure washing to graffiti removal and soft washing practices.

In-Depth Cleaning: Mold and water damage are some of the most common issues for both aged and modern structures. It is tough to spot moss as it begins to take hold, especially when it does so along roofing and other heights. Instead of waiting until you are dealing with a sea of green, have an expert remove moss safely.

Don’t Try This at Home

Invasive growth is a problem, no matter where it is located. More than just damaging property, just its removal is problematic. A strong hand can strip away weakened materials, like softened decking. Do-It-Yourself attempts can cause damage, which can deter potential buyers or tenants. Don’t take a risk when our Gorillas are ready to swing into action.

In order to better serve our communities, Gorilla Property Service work with any and all property types. Many property managers are responsible for more than one address, which is a huge undertaking. Keeping up can be difficult and this is why it is good to have a team in your corner.

Double Down on Dryer Care

Right now, the world at large is staying put. With so many more residents staying indoors, there are a lot of daily pressures being put on properties and the appliances inside them. Spring cleaning is great for people but too much of it can put added pressure on properties themselves and the appliances inside them.

Refrigerators are obviously getting a good workout but so are washers and dryers! When you are dealing with heavy-duty machines, it takes a specialized hand to deal with clothes dryers.

Caring for Your Machines

In a high traffic area, appliances can see dozens of loads pass through a single machine, in a single day! Whether you are working with an ordinary dryer or larger commercial machine, each of these is a at the mercy of lint buildup and debris. On its own a bit of lint might be inconvenient – especially when it is clinging to your clothes – but buildup is also dangerous.

When lint, hair, scraps of paper and other debris begin to collect and layer over themselves, residents are dealing with fire hazards, allergens, a drop in indoor air quality and unnecessary wear and tear on your machine. Why bother cutting the lifespan of your machine short when you can trust an expert to keep things running smoothly?

There is never a bad time to care for your appliances. It can be difficult to navigate an uncertain climate, but our Gorillas have all the right tools for the job. Our experts are able to clean ducts and vents from the outside, making it a safe way to keep up with the demands of your multi-unit property.

Calling All Gorillas

Our team of experts use high-power vacuums to suck up clogs and blockages from inside your system. More than just removing the obvious problems, Gorillas scrub and wipe down the sides of vents. This extra step ensures that sides are not collecting new debris as soon as services are finished.

What Can You Expect From a Gorilla?

North American property owners have plenty of options for their maintenance and care. It is simple enough to run a quick Google search or open a phone book to find someone willing to clean your exteriors, but not all services are created equal. Instead of settling for subpar or superficial care, owners and managers have to hunt for their best option. After years in the industry, our Gorillas have become known for their great results and attention to detail.

A Multi-Step Approach

The key to success for our Gorillas is to not treat services like one solid activity but a series of small steps, designed to get the best result. By breaking any project up into accessible pieces, clients can count on not only great results, but great results performed safely and completely insured.

Inspection: Before any service begins, our Gorillas perform a thorough inspection of not only construction materials, but the surrounding areas as well. Firing up a pressure washer can blast away aged or weakened materials, but there is also water run-off to worry about. Even with environmentally friendly cleaners, it is important to keep these areas clean. Even a quick assessment can determine what your property can and can’t handle without the threat of unnecessary damage.

Treatment: When you choose Gorilla Property Services, each treatment and service is fully insured. Team members arrive on-scene with all the right tools and technique to get the job done properly. Instead of just getting down to work and packing up tools, Gorillas keep their clients in the loop. Clients can be involved as much or as little as they would like to be. From photos and explanations, to walk throughs, no one is ever left in the dark.

After Care: Instead of driving off and leaving clients to fend for themselves, each one of our specialists provide complete after care to ensure that our customers are happy. After care can mean anything from simple Q & A after the fact, booking follow-up appointments or to discuss any issues you might be facing after the fact.

Recognizability: No one wants to see strangers skulking around their home or workplace. Because Gorillas are always available for emergency call-outs, there is a chance that they will be working at night. Instead of being startled, take a peak outside to see the bright uniforms and vehicles of our specialists.

Each Gorilla Office is Independently Owned and Operated