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Creating a safe space for our clients is top priority for our team and that is why Gorilla Property Services will remain open for business as usual. During the Covid-19 pandemic, members of the Gorilla team are operating in accordance with government safety protocols to provide homes, commercial spaces and multi-unit properties with necessary care.

March 26, 2020

Expanding the Gorilla Empire

What started out as a small run of graffiti removal vehicles has become an army of property maintenance experts. As our roster of services has expanded, so have our territories! Our Gorillas span coast to coast across North America and are now calling Barrie, Ontario – home!

Meet the Newest Gorillas

Crissy and Pam are the newest members of the Gorilla family. These brand new owners and operators are committed to getting the best results for residential and commercial properties in their area. Throughout Barrie and its surrounding areas, fluctuating temperatures and pressures leave their mark on exterior spaces. Instead of learning to live with discolouration or damage, let an expert handle it for you!

Experience and the right level of care can make all the difference to the look and condition of properties at any season. Proper cleanings are not reserved for springtime anymore! Even the most troublesome chores can be handled during sunshine or rainy seasons with an emphasis on snow and ice removal in the winter.

Choosing a locally owned and operated company for your property maintenance needs means access to timely service as well as after care and a customer guarantee. Each member of the Gorilla team is committed to providing eco-friendly care with naturally-based cleaners and disinfectants.

Barrie is home to thousands of properties, all of which depend on proper maintenance. Instead of struggling to keep up with demands around homes or commercial properties, you can rely on a Gorilla to get the job done right.

Preparing for a Property Sale

In the real estate world, curb appeal is everything. While some potential buyers are quick to snatch up “fixer-uppers” while others expect turn-key sales. If you are looking to sell a property. our Gorillas can treat your space and structures with a top-to-bottom overhaul. From a quick touch-up to a complete removal of moss and buildup, our experts can treat homes, commercial spaces and multi-unit properties.

Simple Steps Make All the Difference

Routine care keeps properties running smoothly over long periods but a fresh start can make a world of difference. Whether you are looking to sell or are just wanting to add value to your current space, there is a service that can fit your needs.

Surface Cleaning: Sometimes all that it takes to leave structures looking like new is a mix of water sprays and environmentally friendly cleansers and disinfectants. This means everything from pressure washing to graffiti removal and soft washing practices.

In-Depth Cleaning: Mold and water damage are some of the most common issues for both aged and modern structures. It is tough to spot moss as it begins to take hold, especially when it does so along roofing and other heights. Instead of waiting until you are dealing with a sea of green, have an expert remove moss safely.

Don’t Try This at Home

Invasive growth is a problem, no matter where it is located. More than just damaging property, just its removal is problematic. A strong hand can strip away weakened materials, like softened decking. Do-It-Yourself attempts can cause damage, which can deter potential buyers or tenants. Don’t take a risk when our Gorillas are ready to swing into action.

In order to better serve our communities, Gorilla Property Service work with any and all property types. Many property managers are responsible for more than one address, which is a huge undertaking. Keeping up can be difficult and this is why it is good to have a team in your corner.

Double Down on Dryer Care

Right now, the world at large is staying put. With so many more residents staying indoors, there are a lot of daily pressures being put on properties and the appliances inside them. Spring cleaning is great for people but too much of it can put added pressure on properties themselves and the appliances inside them.

Refrigerators are obviously getting a good workout but so are washers and dryers! When you are dealing with heavy-duty machines, it takes a specialized hand to deal with clothes dryers.

Caring for Your Machines

In a high traffic area, appliances can see dozens of loads pass through a single machine, in a single day! Whether you are working with an ordinary dryer or larger commercial machine, each of these is a at the mercy of lint buildup and debris. On its own a bit of lint might be inconvenient – especially when it is clinging to your clothes – but buildup is also dangerous.

When lint, hair, scraps of paper and other debris begin to collect and layer over themselves, residents are dealing with fire hazards, allergens, a drop in indoor air quality and unnecessary wear and tear on your machine. Why bother cutting the lifespan of your machine short when you can trust an expert to keep things running smoothly?

There is never a bad time to care for your appliances. It can be difficult to navigate an uncertain climate, but our Gorillas have all the right tools for the job. Our experts are able to clean ducts and vents from the outside, making it a safe way to keep up with the demands of your multi-unit property.

Calling All Gorillas

Our team of experts use high-power vacuums to suck up clogs and blockages from inside your system. More than just removing the obvious problems, Gorillas scrub and wipe down the sides of vents. This extra step ensures that sides are not collecting new debris as soon as services are finished.

What Can You Expect From a Gorilla?

North American property owners have plenty of options for their maintenance and care. It is simple enough to run a quick Google search or open a phone book to find someone willing to clean your exteriors, but not all services are created equal. Instead of settling for subpar or superficial care, owners and managers have to hunt for their best option. After years in the industry, our Gorillas have become known for their great results and attention to detail.

A Multi-Step Approach

The key to success for our Gorillas is to not treat services like one solid activity but a series of small steps, designed to get the best result. By breaking any project up into accessible pieces, clients can count on not only great results, but great results performed safely and completely insured.

Inspection: Before any service begins, our Gorillas perform a thorough inspection of not only construction materials, but the surrounding areas as well. Firing up a pressure washer can blast away aged or weakened materials, but there is also water run-off to worry about. Even with environmentally friendly cleaners, it is important to keep these areas clean. Even a quick assessment can determine what your property can and can’t handle without the threat of unnecessary damage.

Treatment: When you choose Gorilla Property Services, each treatment and service is fully insured. Team members arrive on-scene with all the right tools and technique to get the job done properly. Instead of just getting down to work and packing up tools, Gorillas keep their clients in the loop. Clients can be involved as much or as little as they would like to be. From photos and explanations, to walk throughs, no one is ever left in the dark.

After Care: Instead of driving off and leaving clients to fend for themselves, each one of our specialists provide complete after care to ensure that our customers are happy. After care can mean anything from simple Q & A after the fact, booking follow-up appointments or to discuss any issues you might be facing after the fact.

Recognizability: No one wants to see strangers skulking around their home or workplace. Because Gorillas are always available for emergency call-outs, there is a chance that they will be working at night. Instead of being startled, take a peak outside to see the bright uniforms and vehicles of our specialists.

Easing Up on Exteriors

April showers bring May staining. It is easy to hide out indoors, avoiding the rain but with each drop that falls, your property is developing new discolorations. Spills on shirts or carpets often get attention right away, but the vulnerable outdoor areas of your home can go unnoticed for long periods. Over time, stucco, and siding start to look rather sad but our Gorillas can help! For those more sensitive areas of properties, soft washing can help to scrub even the most complicated construction materials around your space.

What Can You Soft Wash?

With stains beginning to build, it is easy to become frustrated. When this happens, property owners are quick to reach for pressure washers to blast dirt away. Highly pressurized water sprays can blow apart aged or weakened materials, creating bigger and more costly problems. The threat of unnecessary damage is enough reason to consider which materials are better off with soft washing:

Wood: There are plenty of ways to incorporate wooden features around outdoor spaces. Depending on the age, condition and use of your wood details, high pressure sprays can pull away softened areas. Wood panel siding, for example, can add personality but it is also prone to rot if not cared for, and cracks if washed improperly. The same can be said for wooden fences and decking.

Stucco & Siding: When left on its own, the rough texture of stucco can catch and collect buildup and debris. Stucco is made up of sand, cement, lime, and water and is susceptible to breakage. High pressure sprays are also known to crack vinyl siding. Power washing might work for hard surfaces like cement, but it won’t do for delicate areas. If either of these materials is broken, it opens the door to water damage.

Shingles & Roofing: Roofs are built to be tough, withstanding the elements and keeping unwanted items out. No matter how tough these fixtures are meant to be, they can’t stay in good shape without a bit of help. Soft washing is the only way to clean these areas without pulling away at weakened materials, creating openings for water and even pests to sneak through.

Why Call a Gorilla

Our team of highly skilled Gorillas have spent years perfecting our soft washing techniques. Instead of just aiming and shooting pressurized sprays, our team uses environmentally friendly cleansing agents to treat surface stains. Once these are loosened, a bit of brushing removes lifted materials, pushing them away and exposing the cause of stains underneath. When you want the best results for your exterior or house washing, just call in your friendly neighborhood Gorillas.

The Importance of a Clean Exterior

While many homeowners are quick to scrub countertops and flooring indoors, exterior spaces are often ignored. It is easy to take a day off from outdoor chores but the elements (and graffiti artists) are always working against you. More than looking its best, regular cleaning creates and maintains a safe space for residents, visitors and customers.

Safety: In a controlled environment, moss and greenery can lend a rustic charm to properties but if left to run wild, it creates a dangerous environment. In order to thrive, plant life needs water, which makes damp or humid climates ideal for algae growth. This unwanted growth not only leaves surfaces looking awful, but it creates a slip and fall hazard. As algae takes hold of paving stones and sidewalks, it makes surfaces slippery. The last thing that anyone wants is to take a step only to end up flat on their back. Keep visitors on their feet by blasting unwanted organics from surfaces.

Bacteria: One of the most important parts of exterior care is keeping bacteria at bay. Mold, mildew, rot, algae and even bird droppings all carry a huge number of germs and bacteria. Making the most out of warm weather means spending time outdoors, which means exposure to any germs that may have been left behind by animals or the elements. Decks and patios are particularly popular spots for backyard barbecues, so it is important to prevent any potential contamination. Natural disinfectants can be applied to horizontal surfaces, as well as vertical ones.

Looks: With every day that comes and goes, there are marks left behind. A bit of wind can deposit dust and debris into textures and complicated areas. Over time, this debris builds up, discoloring concrete, stucco and vinyl siding. From moss on the roof to mud on the ground, staining is always a bad look. Exterior spaces are the first impression that your property gives to the outside world – so make sure that it is a good one!

When your goal is to not only keep your property looking its best, but to maintain a clean environment, look no further than your friendly neighborhood Gorillas.

Goodbye, Graffiti

When the sun comes out, so do street artists. Warmer temperatures mean unrest which almost always leads to graffiti. Just because your home or workspace has been hit with an unwanted mural doesn’t mean that you are stuck with it. Ugly designs or offensive language are a dime a dozen but more than looking awful, these unwanted paint jobs can mean property damage if left untreated. This might sound daunting but to our Gorillas, it is just another day at the office! Call one of our experts to ditch the paint and avoid the damage.

Knock Out Negativity

There are plenty of types of graffiti out there, not all of which is an eyesore. It is not difficult to spot a well-designed mural or tag, especially in an urban environment. Tags act as signatures, left behind by street artists to leave their mark – a bit like marking territory. The trouble with these is that a single signature can attract ten more by way of competition. Instead of seeing a rival’s name splashed on a wall or sidewalk, other graffiti vandals will leave their mark in a bigger and more visible way.

More than tags or murals, one of the prime issues facing property owners are offensive designs and hate speech. Whether you are dealing with curse words or racially motivated slurs, these designs are bad for business. When the exterior of your space is what make its first impressions, it is important to make the right one. Instead of letting offensive designs sit, our Gorillas make these our top priority! By providing quick removal services, our expert services are able to get the best results while providing clients with a clean slate.

Quick Action, Expert Results

More than just saving face, timely service can mean the difference between a simple removal and a troublesome one. Over time, sunlight bakes paint deeper into the façade of walls, making it even more difficult to remove. When this is the case, typical removal techniques are not enough to remove designs entirely but leave shadows behind. When you want to get rid of paint completely, it is important to call in a professional right away.

Quick action is great in theory, but what about those spaces that already have standing graffiti? After years in the industry, our team of experts have come up with a system that can remove paint (or cover it up) after minutes or years.

De-Gunk Your Gutters

As soon as the clocks skip forward, it is time to look ahead to Spring. With the last of winter weather in the rear-view, it is time to look ahead to those April showers and that means gutter cleaning. With all that moisture raining down, it is important to know where it is going. Over the course of the year, organics shake loose from surrounding plant life, landing on your roofing and rolling into your gutter system or eavestrough. Eventually, clogs and blockages form, preventing water from travelling freely and creating huge problems for homeowners.

Sitting water is not just a breeding ground for bacteria but can have serious repercussions for properties. Pests love a damp environment and will even choose clogged gutters to make their home or, in the case of mosquitoes, to lay their eggs. Even without pests plaguing your off-hours, full gutters wear down on fixtures. Additional weights pull on fastenings, damaging walls but also leaves water to sit against vulnerable materials. As water sits against sensitive areas like wooden decking, it can wear away at protective coatings, creating entry points for water. If you do not want to deal with water damage, rot or mould, make regular gutter cleaning a part of your home care routine.

What Clean Gutters Mean For You

In order to keep your system running smoothly, our team of experts highly recommend twice annual cleaning services. By clearing out systems once in Fall and once in Spring, water is able to flow freely through your drainage system, traveling out and away from sensitive materials.

For many property owners, cleaning gutters means climbing up on a ladder and running a hand through gunk and buildup. This traditional method might provide a superficial improvement, but it does not do enough to keep your system running throughout the year. Instead of sparring with subpar treatments, our Gorillas bring in the big guns! Mobile backpack vacuums are used to suck up blockages from opened areas, covered pipes and even downspouts. Once your system is free of debris, pipes are scrubbed clean to ensure that there is nothing left behind. If that weren’t enough, perimeter drains are then water tested, making sure that there is nothing hiding out of sight.

When you want the best results for your gutter cleaning, just call a Gorilla. Our team of experts swing into action, bringing a clean look and great results right to your front door.

Sprucing Up For Spring

It can be tough to plan for warmer weather when managing snow or chilly temperatures. Getting cozy indoors is a great way to pass those winter months but as temperatures take a turn for the better, it is time to turn your attention outside! Excess moisture, salt stains, heavy winds, rain and budding plant life all leave their mark on the outside of your property. Whether you are dealing with a single home, commercial space or multi-unit structure, looks are always important. Keeping up with curb appeal is great for real estate purposes but regular care and maintenance has other benefits as well. Keep your spaces running smoothly while preserving their condition, all with a bit of TLC from our Gorilla experts.

Common Causes For Concern

When Spring rolls around, it can be difficult to know exactly which services should be prioritized. Unfortunately, one of the main causes for concern happens to be one of the most difficult areas to clean. Roofing is a problem area for just about everyone. In addition to being tough to reach, these areas are slippery, dangerous and need a very specific type of care. Roof clutter happens throughout the year but is more prominent during Fall and Spring. Roof clutter not only looks terrible but it paves the way for much bigger problems moving forward. Organics hold onto moisture, holding it against sensitive materials like wooden decking. This leads to softening and wear but it also means moss, mold, rot and invasive growth. If left unchecked, all of these lead to costly repairs and replacements.

De-cluttering roofing is a top priority but so are cleaning out your gutters. For every piece of material that you remove from your roof, there is one that makes its way into your drainage system. Whether it is large or small, any type of clutter is bad news when it finds its way into your system. Bit by bit blockages build up, creating clogs and preventing water from passing through systems. Sitting water attracts pests, as well as weighs down pipes. In addition to these issues, water resting against roofing material can also soften and rot the area.

With so many concerns happening overhead, ground level grime can be ignored. Regular pressure washing not only leaves walls, driveways and structures looking great but it also helps to keep harder materials from wearing down and breaking. Sitting salt stains, algae, moss all leave a mark on properties, and not always in the way that you think. Even hard surfaces like concrete are porous, which means these troublesome growths can seep down, causing damage from the inside, out. A bit of pressure, environmentally friendly disinfectants and care can mean keeping your space in great shape, all year round.

Managing Multiple Properties

Owning a property is an investment, but owning two is just good business sense. All across North America, individuals and companies are building up their portfolios but this means more and more maintenance needs. Instead of struggling to keep up with the demands on homes, commercial properties and strata spaces, have a seasoned professional swing by with all the right tools and techniques. Keeping structures in good shape means top to bottom cleans, not once but multiple times throughout the year. If you are overwhelmed by demand, unable to reach heights or are just not getting the right results for your maintenance efforts, call a Gorilla!

Managing All Property Types

For those property owners who split their time between commercial spaces and homeownership, you do not have to shop around for different maintenance companies to suit your needs – our Gorillas do it all! From snow clearing to graffiti removal, each of our specialty services can be performed on any and all property types.

Commercial Care: For the most part, commercial properties are a good deal larger than your average unattached house. Because of this, window care, gutter cleaning and roof cleaning are often neglected. For owners or property managers, this is a big problem. Over time, moisture in gutters or on roofing, means moss growth, softening of materials and eventually water damage. In a similar but different way, sitting dirt, dust and debris means damage to windows. As dirt seeps into porous materials, it begins to weaken them from the inside out, meaning glass is more vulnerable to breakage. Choosing professional care means getting all the right tools to treat these problem areas – along with technicians who know how to use them!

Residential and Strata Care: For many homeowners, using power tools is out of their comfort zone. Instead of risking damage to sensitive materials, have a pro handle these troublesome chores for you. Pressure washing, for example, uses high pressure sprays to blast away ground-in dirt and debris from exterior walls. This sounds great in theory but for aged or weakened areas, it can actually blast away important construction materials.

Each Gorilla Office is Independently Owned and Operated