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When you want to get ready for the holiday season, nothing sets the stage better than a vibrant light display. You might be setting up for the Christmas holidays, or preparing for Diwali, festival of lights, or even a spring festival, but in either case, decor lighting is a great place to start. Instead of struggling to complete your ideal display, call a Gorilla for your Ottawa holiday light installation service.

Digging through boxes of traditional string lights is a headache, all on its own. From untangling long cords, to testing bulbs and then plotting out placements, hanging holiday lights can quickly take up all of your evenings and weekends. When you want to enjoy the season, and not spend it freezing your fingers or balancing on rickety ladders, call a pro to get great results, done safely.

Holiday House Lighting: Create Your Ideal Display

Some holidays are marked by special imagery or items, like paper lanterns, or a Christmas tree, but no matter how, or what, you are celebrating, attractive lighting is a great way to show off your festive spirit.

Throughout October, halloween decorations fill up department store shelves. Halloween string lights are often made cheaply with small plastic pumpkins acting as a focus point. No, as Diwali, or Christmas roll around, these bits of Halloween lighting won’t fit the theme of the holiday, which means having to take old designs down and hang new ones. This means twice the work, and twice the risk to install lights, take them down again, only to reinstall them later.

By calling Gorilla for your light installation, you have the option to choose from a variety of lighting styles and colours, so your display can be catered to the unique needs of your space. The winter season in Ottawa is cold, and this may lead some basic lights to crack in the cold and decorations to become brittle. When you purchase your supplies from a Gorilla, LED light strings are commercial grade, and are durable to withstand the cold.

In addition to simple solid light designs, our Gorilla technicians will work with you to create designs that showcase your property from top to bottom. Curtain lights can cover large areas, serving as a photo wall, or backdrop to other decorations or practices. Festival lights add a bit of fun, adding vintage flair with the use of Edison bulbs. Landscape lighting illuminates additions at the ground floor, while mini-lights can be used to decorate wreaths, garlands, or nearby plant life. No matter your property type, there is a lighting option for you!

Getting the Best For Your Holiday Light Installation

Hiring a professional for your holiday, or Christmas light installation service means avoiding all of the hard work and time spent searching from store to store for the right pieces. Browsing a wide selection of lighting options simplifies this process. Even if you do happen to find your ideal lights at a department store, making them fit can be a complicated process. If strings don’t fit properly, you will be left dealing with unsightly overhang and dangling cords. Our Gorillas are able to cut lights down to size, ensuring they fit properly.

Don’t settle for warm white Christmas lights when you can have a wide range of colours and temperatures. Call a Gorilla today to book installation for your Christmas lights, Diwali lights, Chinese New Year lights, Hanukkah displays, birthdays, anniversaries and more. Whenever you need to light up the night, our technicians will swing into action for the best results possible.

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