The Okanagan is known for its natural beauty, but cities like Kelowna have their own charms. In order to keep homes and businesses looking clean and inviting, property maintenance is a must! In a climate like Kelowna’s, moisture can mean chaos for property owners. Whether it is a home or workspace, structures go through a lot throughout the year. Heavy rains and dampness have a negative impact on everything from driveways to roofing. Algae, moss, mold and mildew can take over properties from the ground up before ever being noticed. Instead of juggling chores from the ground floor all the way to the roof, let your neighbourhood Gorillas lend a helping paw.

What Our Gorillas Have To Offer

For any property maintenance firm, it is important to be well-rounded. It doesn’t make sense to choose one company for graffiti removal and another for window cleaning and that is why our Gorillas can do it all. From the obvious to the subtle or the surface level to the ground-in, our highly trained Gorillas are ready to tackle even your toughest property maintenance tasks.

Up High: Heights might be a problem for some Canadians, but our Gorillas know how to climb safely with top of the line safety equipment. Tasks like gutter cleaning and moss removal are necessary but often overlooked because they are inconvenient and a bit dangerous. Proper stand-offs allow our experts to treat roofing and gutter removal without the threat of nasty slips and falls. In addition to protecting our staff, Gorillas work hard to protect your property. Delicate materials like windows can be difficult to clean, and that is why our experts use rubber squeegees and water-fed poles to reach panes, sills and frames up to four storeys.

Down Low: Soft washing, pressure washing and even graffiti removal services can restore your property to its former glory after years of neglect – or just a paint-fuelled Saturday night for street artists. The Gorilla method to removing stains and discolourations involves multiple steps. These range from specialty, eco-friendly cleaners, to scrub brushes to power washers and paint matching. During colder seasons, specialists can remove snow and ice from single homes, multi-unit properties and commercial spaces.

The Benefits of Professional Service

Having a property maintenance expert tackle your household tasks adds an element of safety and professionalism to any project. Specialized care means timely results and a client satisfaction guarantee. Because our Gorillas are local to your area, you will never be left waiting. Time sensitive tasks like snow clearing need to be handled promptly and punctuality is our middle name. Every member of of the Gorilla team takes pride in their work, so aftercare is always an option. Rolling the dice on DIY care means that you are stuck with whatever consequences might occur but calling in the professionals means a Gorilla always has your back.