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Nanaimo is known for its personality. With tons of unique properties, it is no wonder that property owners love to go big when celebrating the holidays. From paper lanterns to LED light shows, every bulb contributes to a brighter display. When you want to show off your festive spirit without the hassle of putting up lights, call a Gorilla instead. Professional Nanaimo holiday light installation can create dynamic light displays for any occasion.

Instead of offering string lights alone, Gorilla Property Services offer a wide variety of lighting options and colours, designed to stay on theme with the season, but also to showcase any special architectural features that you would like to highlight. In addition to looking great, calling an expert to install your outdoor lights, means reduced time and money spent on DIY projects, a boost in curb appeal, more durable lights, and a custom lighting design.

Expert Care For Your Holiday House Lighting

With the holiday season right around the corner, it is important to start thinking about upcoming festivities and events – and hanging lights often does not enter into his equation. As great as it is to put effort into your interior design,  you can’t perform a lantern festival indoors, and a Christmas tree can only be seen through a window. When you want to show off your property throughout Hanukkah, Chinese New Year, Diwali, Christmas or even a Spring Festival, call a Gorilla for the right results, every time.

Stay Safe: One of the most obvious places to hang Christmas lights is along roof lines. Christmas light installation around these areas provides a top to bottom visual of your residential or commercial property, but an amateur approach also means climbing up on a ladder. Every year, property owners are admitted to the hospital due to a fall from a ladder, so avoid the injury and call a Pro!

Light Up Your Neighbourhood: An attractive light display is a great way to appreciate your property, but it isn’t just for you. Touring the neighbourhood to see light displays is an event in itself for some members of your community. Give back to your neighbourhood by giving them a show!

Create Your Own Lighting Design: Basic white lights are great for some occasions, but many holidays come along with their own colour palettes and traditions. The Chinese New Year is associated with reds and golds, while Diwali Lights are often yellow or blue. Luckily, going Gorilla for your installation means access to hundreds of options, both in style and in colour. Pick your colour temperatures, style of lights and design with one of our experienced technicians.

Make Sure Your Lights Work: Digging out boxes of decorations might mean hours of detangling strings of Christmas, or Halloween lighting. With delicate bulbs and stressful knots in chords, it is common to pull out decorations to find broken bulbs. There is nothing worse than going through all of the effort of hanging lights, only to find that they are burnt out or broken. Gorilla customers purchase their lights directly from the source, and they are inspected to ensure they are working before they go up.

Discreet: Old school lighting techniques often means having bulbs hanging at uneven angles, or dangling in inconvenient spaces. With LED strip lights, our lighting methods are always discreet – until the sun goes down that is! Make a huge impact, without showcasing how you go there. Let our experts help you put some magic back in the holidays.

Hiring Gorilla for Your Seasonal Light Displays

Having an expert create your ideal light display is the gift that you can give to yourself this season! No matter the time of year, our Gorillas are always ready to swing into action. In order to create the most unique and attractive light display for your space, our Gorillas offer a roster of lighting options, made to suit your needs. Custom cut lights mean no unattractive overhang and the perfect layout – and it is not just for lights attached to houses.

Flood lights and decorative spheres contribute to landscape lighting, from the ground, up. Decor lighting can be a showcase in and of itself, or it can act as an attractive backdrop for a lion dance or showcase a dance number. With options for custom cut lights, Gorilla customers can have displays as small as wreaths and garlands, or as large as curtain lights, and festival lights, or path lights to guide guests right to your front door.

Each member of the Gorilla team is fully insured to protect our technicians, and our property. When you want the best in installation for your Chinese New Year lights, Diwali lights, Hanukkah displays, Christmas lights, or just to celebrate the kick off to spring.

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Tammy Evans
- Oct 14, 2021
5 out of 5

Quick response, great communication, and though this was a small job, I was still made to feel important. Thanks Curtis!

Trudy Holmes
- June, 17 2021
5 out of 5

Excellent friendly service from Curtis and his crew at Gorilla. My windows and gutters look beautiful! Thanks and I will be calling you again for these excellent services.

Myles Nowik
- June 3, 2021
5 out of 5

You guys did an amazing job on my house! Looks so much better! I will absolutely be calling you guys again in the future. :)

Catherine Harling
- June 5, 2021
5 out of 5

We were delighted with the quality and service provided by Gorilla in cleaning our deck and house windows. Highly recommend.

Greg Nowik
- March 15, 2021
5 out of 5

Amazing job Curtis , we will refer you to everyone we know who needs your services. You have done great work for us and our customers!!

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